How to choose the best harness for walking your cat?

The sunny days are here and maybe you want to take a walk with your pet. If this is the case, we advise you to read this article to find out how to choose a harness for your pet and find its most beautiful accessory.

How to choose a harness for a cat

To date, there are two types of cat harnesses: the 8-shaped one and the second H-shaped. The only difference between the two models is the additional strap in the H-shaped harness that will connect the two buckles. . To know the model that corresponds to your pet, you just have to look at the middle of it because the model in 8 is tighter than the one in H.

To choose the right harness, you need to determine the right size (S, M, L) based on your pet’s chest. To measure it, nothing could be simpler! You just need to go around the chest with a tape measure and stretch it slightly so that it fits without being stuck to the body.

Introducing the Wapt Pet Cat Harness

Wapt Pet offers a polyester harness for large cats and small dogs available in two sizes (S and M) and in three colors: pink, blue and red. No matter the color or the size, this harness is available for the modest sum of 16.90 €.

With this harness, Wapt Pet ensures ease of use and comfort for your pet by passing it through the head and then clipping it onto your pet’s belly. Wapt Pet also pays great attention to the quality of its products and it is also validated by veterinarians.

In addition, the brand offers two years of warranty on this product and offers a refund or a replacement at the slightest problem encountered by the owner of the animal.

If your pet has just got dirty with his new harness, don’t panic! The Wapt Pet cat harness is hand washable. You can therefore let your animal roam without any worries!

Introducing the Wapt Pet Cat Harness Suit

If, on the contrary, you prefer a harness with a little more fantasy, we recommend the cat harness costume, always from Wapt Pet. This time, the brand offers this harness in three sizes (S, M and L) and in two different colors (black or red) at the low price of € 19.90.

This harness is comfortable with a pleasant cut that will hold your pet well. Combined with the little nylon costume, there is no doubt that your companion is at the forefront of elegance.

Here again Wapt Pet ensures that its harness is easy to use. You just have to put on the harness like a t-shirt and adjust the small drawstring clip on the straps at the back to keep your cat safe.

Finally, as with the previous harness, Wapt Pet guarantees a compliant product according to veterinarians and offers you the replacement or reimbursement for two years at the slightest problem encountered by your animal.

Where can I buy recommended harnesses?

The harnesses that we recommend are available for purchase on several e-stores, such as Amazon that we have mentioned but also on in the cat harness category.

To go further, you can also consult the advice given by to choose the size of the harness or to choose a more suitable model.

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