How to Choose the Best Weather Stations to Keep an Eye on the Weather

Are you looking for the perfect weather station for your home? We have unearthed for you a selection of the 3 best weather stations for the weather currently available on the market.

Discover below all the advantages of this smart accessory and our advice to easily choose the model perfectly suited to your needs.

How to choose the weather station?

To choose the weather station you need, several criteria must be taken into account.

You must first determine the nature of the various data / information you wish to obtain from the station: temperature, hydrometry, wind speed and direction, air quality, level of well-being, etc.

Then go for the model that has the features and functionality you need while considering design and price.

Top 3 best weather stations

Thanks to the different selection criteria above, here is a selection of 3 weather stations that can be counted among the best.

Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor Connected Wifi

It is a fully functional wireless weather station. Simple to install and easy to use, its elegant design allows it to fit easily into your home.

Its indoor and outdoor modules can be connected to your smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi. The station measures and collects data such as humidity and air quality, temperature, sound level and atmospheric pressure …

The device integrates with your connected home and you can control it by voice command with Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

La Crosse Technology – WS6825 – Weather station

It is supplied with two interior and exterior sensors that are easy to install and adjust. They are connected to a large colored LCD screen which displays all the supported functions and weather measurements.

You have an overview of the temperature, humidity, dew points, weather alert and level of indoor and outdoor comfort … The station operates on mains, but can be battery powered.

BRESSER Wireless weather station Black

It has a multi-function sensor that you can easily mount outdoors. It accurately measures meteorological parameters in real time such as humidity, rainfall, ambient temperature, wind speed and direction …

The data collected is communicated to you via its colorful and illuminated LCD screen. Easy to use, the station can synchronize with your weather app, update via Wi-Fi and include an alarm clock.

Why have a weather station at home?

The weather station allows you to have a better understanding of the weather and the variations that operate in your indoor and outdoor environment.

The accessory keeps you up to date on climatic activities in your area and allows you to anticipate the weather. You can easily organize your day, adapt your various activities to the weather and take the right actions to improve your well-being.

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