How to choose the right co-ownership manager?

The efficient management of the affairs of the condominium requires the know-how of a specialist in the field. This expert is nothing other than the trustee. In co-ownership law, the trustee may be either a natural person or a legal person to which the general assembly of co-ownership entrusts the administration of the immovable property as well as the implementation of the decisions voted by said assembly at the all occupants of the building. Given the nature of their activities, choosing the best trustee is problematic. Indeed, the trustee can be professional or voluntary, in other words non-professional. Focus on the relevant criteria of this key player in co-ownership.

The relevant criteria for choosing a trustee

The choice of the trustee is not trivial and therefore poses a real problem in terms of co-ownership. However, this choice must necessarily meet criteria which are among others:

The competence

In matters of co-ownership, the trustee must demonstrate dynamism and professionalism. This is due to frequent changes in techniques and regulations as well as the rules related to co-ownership. Your property manager must also be multidisciplinary, versatile and on the lookout for information and inform the co-owners of the latest developments as and when.


Trust is the key factor in the contract that you will conclude with your trustee, due to the fact that he performs in your name and on your behalf all acts related to the co-ownership. Transparency in the management of the affairs entrusted to it as well as good communication are preferred. Your trustee is thus obliged to take out civil liability insurance in order to answer for his actions in the event of disappointment.

The budget

Confusion between price and cost is very common. And generally when the trustee’s fees are less expensive, the expenses resulting from the work of the co-ownership are very often high. Make no mistake and exercise great vigilance. Your trustee should be able to bring in some savings.

The availability

It is of utmost importance that your trustee is always available for you. The availability of the trustee is an essential aspect on which you must not only insist but also and above all be uncompromising when concluding the contract between you and the trustee. There is no point in choosing a super busy trustee or even less always unavailable. Your trustee must be able to meet the expectations and needs of all co-owners, in close collaboration with the union council.

The quality

To gauge the quality of your trustee, do not hesitate to ask him during your meetings to put you in contact with the co-owners of residences having practically the same characteristics as yours and with whom he has already dealt. A professional would not hesitate to let you know. This process will allow you to have an idea of ​​his previous management in terms of co-ownership. Likewise, the rendering of the accounts of your trustee must be free from any financial embezzlement. However, he must be able to provide you with a customer area through which you can access all important information.

Being an organizer and a mediator, the relations between you and your trustee will not always be peaceful. As soon as your confidence is damaged, consider changing it.

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