How To Choose The Right Massage Gun To Stay In Shape! Buying Guide & Reviews

Very compact, easy to use and transport, the massage gun is a device suitable for both professional athletes and ordinary people. But however, with the multitude of makes and models flooding the market, how to choose the ideal pistol?

Find out here everything you need to know about find the perfect massage gun for you: criteria to be taken into account at 3 most trusted brands, through our selection of the best 10 models market and many others.

How to choose your massage gun?

The choice of your pistol will depend on a number of criteria which concern in particular the power, design, autonomy, weight, noise and price.

For the power which designates the strength and speed with which the pistol exerts the percussion on your body, it must be raised and the pistol must have several speed levels. The design must be ergonomic with a ease of use in one hand and reduced dimensions. Theautonomy battery life should reach 3 hours.

As for the weight, it will take choose a light model and compact because you use it for a long time and anywhere, like in the office. The noise should be as low as possible and below 45 decibels. Finally, the price which varies from 250 to 650 € will have to suit your budget and reflect gun quality.

Top 10 – Our selection of the best massage guns

What are the tips supplied with the massage gun?

Most of them massage gun kits, you will find 4 tips: Ball or round, Flat Head or flat, Bullet or pistol bullet, and Fork or fork. Each of these tips is suitable for special use to certain muscle surfaces of the body.

  • The round head allows massaging large muscle areas of the body such as buttocks, thighs and back;
  • The flat head suitable for pecs, biceps and other flat muscle areas;
  • The bullet head gun is used to deeply massage the muscles of the arms and calves;
  • The U-fork helps relieve the thin and slender muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Top 3 massage gun brands

There are more and more massage guns on the market and it can seem difficult to find your way around. Here are 3 brands that have proven their performance and efficiency.

Theragun, the market leader

This brand leader in the field is distinguished by its 3 models of massage gun (Pro, G3, and LIV) with triangular shape with a forward arm that is in contact with the skin. The 3 weigh between 1.1 and 1.41 kg, and deliver pulses at the same speed of 2400 percussions per minute. They can reach the muscle 16mm deep.

The first 2 models have 2 speed levels ranging from 29 to 40 percussions per second, while the LIV model has a single speed level being 40 percussions per second.

Abox, for the French side

This French manufacturer stands out from the big batch of brands with its 3 massages: the Abox classic with 20 power levels and 4 tips, the improved Abox with 30 power levels and 8 tips, and the Abox Toncur with 5 heads and 6 adjustable speeds. The 3 models are just under 1 kg and have the same battery parameters.

The first 2 models have a power of 30 Watts and can reach the muscles at 12 mm deep, while the last one pushes the percussions with a power of 45 Watts and can reach 16 mm deep. This model is also distinguished by its shape still hammer, but with double handle.

Hypervolt, the brand with 2 models

This brand offers 2 models of massage guns : the Hypervolt and the Hypervolt Plus. The 2 models have the T-shape of a hammer and weigh about 1.24 kg for an autonomy of 2 and a half to 3 hours, and a percussion speed of 3200 pulses per minute.

Apart from the price difference which is worth 100 € more for the Plus model, the 2 models also stand out in terms of the depth of the massage. The first model can work muscles up to 10mm deep, and the second, 4mm even further.

Good use for good performance

For proper use of the massage gun, you must follow certain instructions. For example, instead of staying too long on the same part of a muscle, instead, make several passes along the muscle. Do not use never the gun directly on a joint, bone or injury. The curative use of the massage gun in the case of a chronic disease requires the approval of a sports health specialist.

Good use also supposes good knowledge of speed levels and their application.

  • Level 1 with its speeds of less than 2000 percussions per minute is suitable for simple relaxation and warming up the muscles
  • Level 2, the speeds of 2,000 to 2,500 percussions per minute of level 2 are indicated to excite the most stressed muscles
  • Level 3, the speeds of over 3000 percussions per minute that make up level 3, allow intense massage after activity

Why is it such a popular device for athletes?

If athletes appreciate the massage gun, it is primarily for its portable design which allows them to afford a suitable massage anywhere and at any time of the day, even during their training. Thus, they are always ready and in good shape to pass their sporting events.

Also, the gun has a positive action on muscles because it allows relieve sore tissue by too many solicitations and wake up even the less frequently used muscles. This then allows them to maintain, otherwise improve their performance physical.

The most popular pistols for athletes

The massage gun: an ally for sport, but not only

The massage gun is an essential accessory for athletes it’s true, but it can also to serve for the simple well-being of an average user. This device is for everyone because, regardless of our daily activities, they do require a physical effort, and a good massage after exercise is useful to relax.

So that you are at the office or at the gym, at home or while traveling, the massage gun is present by your side at all times to relieve your muscles, relieve stress and relax.

The most popular pistols for a moment of well-being

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