How to Choose the Right Parasol and Install it Right?

Installed on the terrace or in the garden, the parasol is an equipment that allows you to enjoy your outdoors. Under its shade, it is pleasant to have a drink with relatives or to indulge in good discussions.

However, it is not easy to find a good parasol in the market let alone install it. However, there are tips that allow you to make the right choice in order to enjoy your moments outdoors.

Quality above all, with a high-end parasol

Quality is the main criterion in selecting a parasol and generally the price reflects the quality of that product, so it is always better to choose a high-end parasol. The more quality it is, the more resistant and secure it will be. Thus, to find the best quality of parasol, it is necessary to choose according to the materials of manufacture. Also, the base, the mast and the canvas are to be considered with attention.

Top-of-the-range parasols are models which combine aesthetics and robustness. Designed with durable and resistant materials, they are of quality. For ease of use and not being bothered by the wind, they are good choices. Buying a quality parasol allows you to enjoy it everywhere.

Which parasol for the wind?

The wind is the parasol’s primary enemy. To prevent it from being carried away by squalls, it must be chosen according to the materials it incorporates. Thus, a heavy base will strengthen the ground support of the parasol. Concrete and steel are what to prefer for its base.

In order for a sunshade to resist the wind, it must have a strong pole. In this regard, wood and aluminum are effective choices. A non-resistant canvas also weakens the parasol. It is therefore advisable to opt for polyester or acrylic, as they are flexible and very resistant.

How to weight your parasol?

The parasol’s weight allows it to resist against the wind. To succeed, it is necessary to favor heavy materials such as steel, sand or cement. For the ballasting of a parasol, it is possible to opt for systems already ballasted or those to be filled.

The ballasted systems are already ready for use. You just have to put them where the parasol will be installed and they become operational. For the systems to be filled, they are similar to a kind of reservoir in which water or sand will be introduced to have the weight at the base.

How to orient your parasol?

The orientation of the parasol is the adjustment that allows it to provide shade. Thus, to orient it well, we must consider the positioning of the sun. You have to try several positions to find the one that provides shade on the target area. From time to time, you have to adjust the parasol to keep the shade. Once the right position has been found, it must be marked on the ground. In this way, the search for the best location will no longer be done the next time.

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