How to choose the right volleyball knee pads?

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The practice of volleyball requires repeated efforts on your joints and among them, the knee is in the first line to absorb shocks. In order to limit injuries (burns, fractures, strains, dislocations, etc.) it is necessary to choose suitable equipment.

Choosing the right size of volleyball knee pads

The first purchase criterion for knee pads is obviously the size to have protection adapted to your morphology. The wrong size knee pad can be ineffective, even dangerous, to the exact opposite of the desired result, Passion Volley Ball strongly insists on the need to buy quality knee pads for this.

To know the size of your volleyball knee pads, you need to measure the circumference of your leg. Using a tape measure, then wrap your leg above the knee and then refer to the table below for the corresponding size:

  • Circumference 28 to 31 cm => Size S
  • Circumference 32 to 35 cm => Size M
  • Circumference 36 to 40 cm => Size L
  • Circumference 41 to 43 cm => Size XL

The different types of volleyball knee pads

For volleyball knee pads, the difference with other sports is in the flexion notches, providing adequate comfort to the player in his movements. There are two types: flexible or rigid knee pads.

Soft knee pads

Designed with elastic bands, the soft knee brace is used to stabilize the knee during player movements. There is a silicone ring to protect the kneecap and a reinforcement on the edges with a flexible bar.

Rigid knee pads

The rigid knee brace is made of rigid metals to limit movement and assist a fragile joint. It is not intended for play, but is a great aid in recovery from injury.

The right brands of volleyball knee pads

We prefer to favor more specialized brands like Mc David or Mizuno which offer equipment specially designed for the practice of volleyball and are a guarantee of quality. Here is a selection of their products for each brand.

McDavid Volleyball Knee Pads

McDavid: Elastic knee brace

Elastic knee brace, with protection for frontal impacts and with protection on each side of the patella.

McDavid: Open knee brace

Knee brace open at the back of the knee that provides protection thanks to a resistant foam and an outer Teflon coating.

Mizuno volleyball knee pads

Mizuno: Elastic knee brace

Elastic knee pad that absorbs shocks without losing freedom of movement. In microfiber, they promote good air circulation.

Mizuno: Open knee brace

Knee pad with an opening at the back to promote freedom of movement, not to mention knee protection.

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