How to choose the right wallet

The wallet is the eternal symbol of status and good taste.

It can become not only a fashion accessory, but also a real center of attraction for money. How to choose such a wallet? There are several criteria based on experience and the art of a correct attitude towards finance …

Choosing a portfolio should start with the collections of the most famous brands, it is their ideas that are the starting point for other manufacturers. The main criterion is status, which is especially important when selecting male models.

This accessory is popular with expensive watches and ties and is considered one of the best gifts, by the way. Men’s fashion is much more conservative than women’s, and the choice of a men’s wallet as an elegant accessory is undeniable in the lines of classic models.

The portfolio must be of high quality

First of all, it should be of good quality and respectable, and therefore expensive. Saving on this purchase is not worth it, buy yourself a model of high quality genuine leather. A perfect choice will be leather with an original or exotic finish.

It is believed that it is these accessories that attract and store the energy of wealth. In addition, the leather will retain its respectable appearance for a long time.

An alternative to leather can be a beautiful expensive textile, with an intricate pattern or embroidery, especially if its design has shades of gold or silver.

Choose the right size for your wallet

Choosing the right size of the wallet, how the money will be placed in it – is also important. Tickets should have space, best of all, so money doesn’t have to fold, and make sure that for small items and plastic cards are provided appropriate separate compartments.

It is believed that the precise placement of money is a sign of a respectful attitude towards money, which attracts them. Such rules exist in most European cultures, they can be treated differently, but it is necessary to try to test them yourself.

How to choose the wallet for women

The accessories we use every day should be exactly the same as the general style. The trends of these models are notable for their stability, which means choosing a classic and the most respectable – the best solution to the question “how to choose a wallet for women?”.

It can be taken as a personal gift and pampered with an expensive branded accessory or a handmade model. Pay attention to the models that produce your favorite brand of bags, the coincidence of stylistics – one of the conditions for stylish combinations.

Allow yourself the best and the most expensive. But do not lose sight of the important details, pay attention to the bindings, they should not only be reliable, but also comfortable. It is good if all the internal pockets and compartments of the model will be able to be securely closed – the same internal order, which is considered attractive for the money, you can save without difficulty.

The choice of color

Eternal classic, which never gets bored – a noble brown and black scale, especially in combination with the original texture of the leather.

And for those who like avant-garde solutions, this is a leather with a trendy metallic coating. Want to attract money – choose an accessory with shades of gold or silver.

Symbolically it will be an accessory of bright red color, it is considered no less favorable to money. But remember that an expensive and respectable model can serve you for more than a year, so it is better to choose the color in accordance with the colors and styles of bags that you usually prefer.

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