How to choose Universal Beer Tap?

Are you a fan of fresh and draft beer, you want to buy a universal beer dispenser, but you don’t know how to choose it? We explain how it works, as well as a selection of the best brands of universal beer dispenser.

Why use a universal beer pump?

In the beer dispenser world, going with a standard model limits the choice of which brand of beer you can use. In fact, classic beer dispensers are designed to be used with a specific brand and this mainly for commercial reasons.

The drums are therefore adapted to this very particular printer and by buying another brand you will find yourself facing a compatibility problem. And if you like a particular brand of beer, it would be a shame to invest in a printer that doesn’t give you a choice.

In order to overcome this problem, the universal beer dispenser is therefore based on the principle of being able to use most brands of beer offering kegs, on the same dispenser. You will therefore have a machine which is equipped with several adapters to make it possible to accommodate different types of barrels.

To do this, most machine brands now offer this type of machine on the market. As a beer lover, you therefore have the satisfaction of being able to taste a good draft beer, very cold and of the brand of your choice.

The most successful universal beer dispenser brands

Nowadays, many brands have entered the universal beer dispenser market. Among them are Philips, Krups and SEB, which are probably the three most successful brands in online stores offering multi-brand printers.

Philips beer dispensers

Philips beer dispensers use a system called PerfectDraft, born out of a partnership between Philips and the InBev brand. It is a system particularly suitable for festive use with pressurized 6 liter drums.

For daily use, the machine also has its effect with a beer stored at 3 ° C and with a consumption limit of one month for the keg. In the range we recommend the very good Philips HD3620 / 25 PerfectDraft model.

SEB beer dispensers

At SEB the beer dispensers use a BeerTender system. This is for example the case of the Krups VB700800 BeerTender, our reference model for this brand.

Very popular on the market, machines with the BeerTender system are the most popular beer dispensers due to their ease of use and efficiency. They accept pressurized 5 liter kegs and keep beer cool (4 ° C) for 30 days.

Krups beer dispensers

Krups is a brand of the SEB group. It is therefore not surprising to see machines with similar characteristics in both catalogs and also using a BeerTender system.

We will therefore not go over the topo on the operation of BeerTender machines and we will recommend the Seb VB310810 BeerTender model at SEB, with a temperature indicator and allowing optimal tasting for 30 days.

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