How to choose your après-ski boots?

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The après-ski boots are part of the essential equipment to bring for your ski vacation. Choosing them well is as important or even more important than choosing the right pair of ski boots, because these boots will be with you all day long, apart from when you are on the slopes.

To help you quickly find the perfect après-ski boot for you without breaking your head, we present in this article all the aspects on which you should base your choice: depending on the size, the morphology of your feet and your shoe size, depending on the type of activity performed and the terrain used (ice or snow), and finally depending on the style that suits you.

The size, the morphology of the foot and the shoe size

For optimal comfort, it is important to choose the right size after ski according to the morphology of your feet, whether you are a man, a woman or a child. The following standard sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL make it easy to find the après-ski adapted to your feet.

However, before making the purchase, we recommend that you try on the shoe and take the one that will be a size slightly larger. This extra space will be for the socks you put on to withstand the cold.

Regarding the size, you must measure your foot both in length and in width. Whether you have thin, strong or wide feet, there will always be a model for you!

The weight of the shoe

The ideal weight for your après-ski depends on the activity for which you plan to use it and especially on your taste. Whichever you choose, you’ll always have an advantage, because the lighter ones make it easier to move around and you’ll have more flexibility. As for the heavier ones, you will get more grounding and a sense of security.

Closure systems and styles

The choice of your après-ski boots also depends on your tastes and preferences. Note that you will have the choice between boots, boots or mountain shoes. Although we are talking about skiing, we must not neglect the aesthetic aspect!

In addition, there is a varied range of après-ski style according to the brands affixed such as Adidas, Aigle, Gaspo, DC Shoes to name but a few. You can also opt for après-skis with or without closure systems, to give your boots more style.

Après-ski on snow or ice?

As mentioned above, the choice of your après-ski varies according to the type of activities practiced and also the terrain used. Opt for après-ski with crampons that provide better grip on ice and standard après-ski with a solid sole for you to grip in the snow.

There are also all-terrain boots, which provide you with total safety on both snow and ice. These boots are available in several models and in different sizes. Suddenly, both adults and children find their account!

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