How to choose your first sex toy?

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The year 2020 marked a real turning point in the sales of sex toys: the number of followers of adult toys has literally exploded during the successive confinements. Millions of French people have crossed the threshold. And you too have decided to buy your very first sex toy. But not easy to navigate when you start. You just have to take a look online to see how many models are out there. So, how do you go about choosing an adult toy that will satisfy you?

The different types of sex toys

Shapes, colors, functions… Sex toys, there is something for everyone! Select your favorite according to the zones that it stimulates and which are the most erogenous in you. Also ask yourself if you plan to use your sex toy solo or as a couple. To help you see a little more clearly, we distinguish:

  • Men’s models: vagina, cockrings, plugs …
  • Female models: there are vibrators (intended for penetration), clitoral stimulators and curved sex toys to stimulate the G-spot.

Pay attention to the quality of the toy

The material of the sex toy is an essential choice criterion. Indeed, whether you are a man or a woman, the object will inevitably come into contact with sensitive parts of your body. No question of choosing a model that could be dangerous for your privacy. Bet on a silicone model, a material that respects your mucous membranes, easy to maintain and durable over time. We forget the latex or PVC toys: despite their more affordable price, their composition is far from flawless.


Some people consider waterproofing to be an essential feature. It’s up to you whether you want to use your new acquisition in the bath or in the shower!


Is there anything more frustrating than feeling your sex toy break down in action? Rechargeable battery models are the most popular, but items can also be found at Battery or wire.

What is your budget ?

Toys are available on the market today at all prices. Falling for a sex toy can represent a real investment if you opt for an ultra-innovative model. However, there are affordable toys that are great value for money. The proof: you can get high performance models from 30 euros.

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