How to choose your garden table for a small space?

The garden is a peaceful place to share good meals with the family. With the return of sunny days, you are looking for the ideal garden table for your small outdoor space. However, you struggle to choose one. Knowing the selection criteria is essential to make the best choice.

What shape of table should you choose for a small outdoor area?

For a small exterior, the round or oval shaped table is the most recommended. Indeed, it can accommodate a large number of people, without requiring a larger space.

However, there are other solutions such as the square table, ideal for particularly narrow spaces and the octagonal table, rare, but its daring style is much appreciated.

You can also opt for extension tables (extendable), especially in the case of rectangular models. This is a good alternative when outdoor space is a constraint. Thus, you will give an aesthetic side to your garden, despite its small surface.

Which material to choose for a garden table?

People preparing the meal for a lunch in the garden

The material with which the table was made is a crucial point to evaluate for your choice. Thus, the material to be favored for your garden table must:

  • Be very resistant to corrosion and climatic aggressions: rain, storms, high heat
  • Be durable, easy to maintain and lightweight
  • Offer excellent value for money

Materials that meet these criteria are, among others, wood (pine, acacia, teak), steel, ceramics and plastic. They are the right choice for an outdoor garden table.

What budget for a garden table?

Coral color calculator

The price of a garden table can vary between 20 and 1,500 euros. This variation is mostly related to the quality of the chosen material. The shape and style of the table can also influence the amount of the bill.

Remember that to ensure the longevity of your garden furniture, you must choose a durable and resistant material. Of course, the better the material, the more you will have to pay for it.

However, it is quite possible to find some at very advantageous prices. Indeed, various addresses allow you to buy garden tables and garden furniture at a low price.

Choose the chairs that accompany it

Small round teak table with matching chair and small vase with flower

Once your garden table has been chosen, you must then think about the chairs that will accompany it. The latter bring, in fact, a plus to the decoration of your garden and offer the necessary comfort to share your best moments.

The chairs of your garden table must therefore be made of the same material as the table, in order to guarantee the same longevity. Also think about the colors, this will allow you to have a fairly harmonious decor.

It is then necessary to consider the height of the table to adapt that of the chairs accordingly. For their shape, choose models that are space-saving and have rounded corners. This will free up space and not obstruct circulation corridors.

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