How to choose your office chair to work comfortably?

More than sleep time, man spends about 9 hours of the day sitting. Therefore, the office chair must be comfortable to allow you to work comfortably. Even more, choosing the right office chair helps prevent low back pain and other back pain. For this, it is essential to choose your office chair well. It is on this subject that we have produced this little guide.

What to ask before buying an office chair

A good foundation is a guarantee of successful work. For this, you no longer have to buy your chair on a whim. Before you even hit the market, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself.

How often will this chair be used?

The length of time a chair is used affects the body. Prolonged sitting in an inadequate chair can create serious pain. To this end, the first question to ask yourself relates to the frequency of use. This will point you towards the perfect chair.

  • If you need to sit for less than 3 hours in your chair, go for a standard mechanism chair. This has a height-adjustable seat and a fixed backrest.
  • Opt for a chair with a centered tilting mechanism if you need to use the chair for about 4 hours daily. This type of chair cushions your every movement thanks to the constant angle that the seat and backrest maintain while tilting.
  • For daily use of approximately 6 hours, the mechanism of your office chair should be in constant contact. The backrest constantly supports your back and follows you in your every move. You can block it and adapt it to your weight.

If, on the other hand, it is an intensive use of about 8 hours, it is recommended to turn to a chair with a synchronous mechanism. Here, the seat and the backrest tilt together to offer you the necessary comfort. You can adjust the return force of the backrest according to your weight and your body type.

What occasion will I use it for?

The other question you need to answer is what your office chair will be used for. Whether you sit for 5 hours in front of your desk, a student’s preferred chair for homework will not be the same as a developer. This will not be the same for the work of a laboratory technician.

Whether your work is semi-static or static, there are various office chairs on the market. It is therefore important not to neglect your activity when choosing.

Choose your chair according to your morphology

The best office chair is the one that suits the morphology of its user. Several other criteria must be taken into account for this.

The seat of a comfortable chair should face down. Avoid the straight-seated office chair. You can also opt for an inclined seat.

An enveloping backrest is ideal. It should properly frame your back. Avoid narrow folders.

  • The armrests of the chair

You appreciate the usefulness of the armrests depending on the frequency of use. Their main function is to support the muscles of the upper body. It is therefore clear that a chair with armrests allows you to work more comfortably than with a chair without armrests.

  • The base of the chair

This criterion is often neglected by several people. However, it is important depending on the activity to be carried out with your chair. A base with wheels is suitable for those who like to make office movements. If you are doing precision work, the skate base is recommended.

Is an adjustable chair preferable, what are the different settings?

No man can stay in one position to work for more than an hour. He will often change his posture, make various movements, etc. The comfortable office chair should therefore not limit your actions. This is why we often recommend the adjustable office chair. This is ideal for allowing you to work with complete peace of mind. It exists with different mechanisms.

  • The adjustable chair with synchronous mechanism

The particularity of this model is that the seat and the back are synchronized to follow you in each of your movements. This model supports your back and reduces back pain.

  • The office chair with an offset tilting mechanism

It is a model with a stable and comfortable seat. However, you can move its backrest at will without the seat.

  • The adjustable chair with a centered tilting mechanism

It is suitable for those who spend long hours in front of their desks. Its particularity is that it comfortably supports your buttocks by its seat. Its backrest gently tilts to give you a resting position.

The best before buying is to test

It is imperative to go for a quality office chair. In view of these different selection criteria, it is not always easy to choose the best office chair. For this, you must take into account a practical criterion. Test your chair for as long as possible before you buy it. You can sit there for about an hour and do all the movements you can.

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