How to clean an oven? And tip not to dirty your oven!

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Cleaning an oven is not really a piece of cake. However, the operation is essential to avoid the proliferation of different bacteria that can cause an unpleasant odor or risk of food poisoning. Here are some tips for effectively cleaning your oven.

How to clean an oven tips

To clean a dirty oven, run a sponge soaked in a mixture of hot water and baking soda (or coarse salt) on the walls after use. The heat will melt the dirt and it will be easier to effectively brick it.

However, if the dirt is already too encrusted, you will need a more drastic solution. You can use ammonia to clean it or apply a chemical stripper designed for ovens. In either case, remember to rinse the coating properly with clean water before using your oven again.

As for the oven rack, you can wash it in hot water and dishwashing liquid or integrate it directly in a dishwasher. Make sure, however, that the grid is properly dried and is free from soap.

How do you clean the glass of an oven?

By undergoing jets and drips of grease or sauces, the glass is often the dirtiest part of an oven. You must therefore clean it regularly so that you can continue to see through it without opening the oven, like any good self-respecting window.

To brick the oven window, several very simple solutions can be adopted depending on the accumulated dirt: use a product suitable for cleaning the windows or moisten a cloth or a sponge with household alcohol. Finally, a mixture of hot water and black soap is also very effective.

How to avoid dirtying an oven?

Unfortunately, there are no miracle solutions to avoid dirtying your oven when in use. A widespread practice that should be avoided is to cover the bottom of the oven with foil. With its metal surface, it prevents the oven from keeping its temperature evenly and even worse, being subjected to intense heat it can sometimes burn itself out!

In order to avoid rowing to clean a dirty oven, there is only one solution: clean it regularly, preferably after each use. Use the baking soda technique to maintain your oven on a daily basis.

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