How To Clean The Headlights On Your Car?

Over the days and weeks, it is possible to see the accumulation of dirt on the front of your car. The downside is that if the residue forms an obstacle to the light from the car’s headlights, it can be dangerous for the driver and other road users.

It is therefore important to regularly clean the optical headlights of your car to have a better vision, especially during night outings. Here’s everything there is to know about how to clean car headlights.

How to remove the opacity of the headlights?

Over time, the car’s headlight becomes cloudy and turns yellow. Renovating them can be done more or less quickly. It will depend on how the car is used, as well as where it is often parked. There are two options for removing the opacity of your car’s headlights.

Either you go to an expert or you do it yourself. In the latter case, you have to turn to old recipes (the one based on elbow grease for example) which in addition to being effective, will cost almost nothing. However, the ideal would be to have an optical renovator kit on you like those offered by the brand Meguiar’s.

With this complete kit, start by degreasing the headlight using a degreaser and cleaner. To get rid of the oxidized or scratched layer, use sandpaper or other sanding solution.

Note that for best results, it is best to sand from the coarsest grain to the finest grain. After the sanding step, use a polishing product (Turtle Wax 52871 Original for example), applicable with a microfiber cloth to illuminate the headlight.

How to clean the interior of a car headlight?

If the dirt is inside the headlights, it is recommended to go directly to a garage or replace the headlights. If it is a superficial operation, it can be performed by professionals or by yourself.

In addition to the method with the kits, it is possible to give your headlight a facelift by using toothpaste. Indeed, even if it seems surprising, this product can be very effective if the interior of the headlights is not very damaged and very opaque. It contains abrasive particles which have the ability to fade the scratches and scratches of the headlight.

To begin with, clean and degrease the headlights. By hand or using a sponge, apply toothpaste to the headlight and rub. Wait a few minutes and rinse the headlights with water, then dry them. Note that you must use whitening toothpaste for this operation.

How to remove moisture from a car headlight?

It is common to find that its headlight has become humid over time. If nothing is done, it can affect the proper functioning of the latter. To remedy this problem, first disassemble and remove the bulb holder. Then, using a dry cloth or a clean cloth, wipe off any moisture present inside the holder.

Then let dry for a few hours in the open air and observe the refurbishment of the headlight. If this mist reappears after a while, just know that the headlight is not as waterproof as it was at the beginning. It is better to change them to have better visibility.

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