How to clean your completely dirty football kit?

Soccer jerseys are outfits that get dirty very quickly. However, the love that some people have for their swimsuits makes it important to clean them when they get dirty for later use.

So how do you clean your football jersey? Here is some information that can help you do it without any difficulty.

Machine wash your football shirt

Due to its regular use, it is very common to find your football kit in a bad condition. Thus, it is more difficult to neglect your football shirts, especially if they come from the site which is a reference in the field of shirts.

The football kit can be machine washed easily and effectively. To do this, it is necessary to follow a few guidelines.

Perform quick cleaning by hand

It is above all useful to do a quick first hand wash in order to remove the impurities contained on the jersey. Then, you will have to return your football outfit to keep the inscriptions contained inside so as not to damage them.

Machine wash proper

Regarding the actual machine washing, it is important not to exceed the 40% during washing. This keeps the textile fibers of the jersey in good condition. However, you have the option of paying your washing machine at 30% in the case of daily use or to use the “sport” mode contained on certain machines.

Such functionality of your washing machine allows you to keep your football outfit in good condition and to use your jersey for a very long time.

Hand washing your soccer jersey

Another way to clean the soccer jersey is hand washing. It requires for its realization, the use of a certain quantity of lukewarm water and powdered washing powder. To get very clean soccer jerseys, it is up to you to rub your outfit at a regular interval.

In addition, it is important to specify that a spin too much of your swimsuit may damage it. To avoid this, do a gentler spin. In addition, it is important to note that it is not beneficial to wash several swimsuits at the same time.

Once the washing is done, it is necessary to proceed to drying your swimsuit. For successful drying, it would be important to do it in ambient air. If necessary, you have the option of drying your football shirt in the dryer. When using this alternative, pay attention to the choice of cycle and the temperature. It is recommended to use a low temperature as well as a short cycle.

In short, the effective cleaning of a swimsuit is not to be neglected for a good conservation of your football outfit. Machine washing as well as hand washing are all possibilities to clean your completely soiled football jersey.

However, if you do not have enough time to spend washing your swimsuit, you can call on a specialist in this area.

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