How to Combine Covid-19 and Warm Welcome in a Boutique?

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The time of COVID-19 rhymes with the principles of social distancing. For almost a year, shops and displays have been hit hard by new habits that are shaking up our daily lives. A problem arises: how to warmly welcome and serve a customer in a shop while respecting barrier gestures? Here are some practical tips that will make you stand out.

Opt for personalized protective masks

Wearing a mask is an effective way to fight the spread of COVID-19. The mask is recommended to protect against droplets of saliva that project from the mouth while speaking.

To make the welcome in your store more warm, opt for personalized protective masks. Personalized masks with logo become for the occasion an advertising object. In addition, it protects you at the same time as your employees and your customers.

You can see a smile on your eyes, don’t forget it

There is nothing more pleasant for a customer than to be greeted with a smile. Make no mistake, despite the mask, your smile can be seen well. Know that happiness like misfortune can be read in the eyes. To do this, always give your customers the best smile, despite your mask on your face. If your mask is transparent, he will see it, otherwise the smile can be read on the eyes, do not forget it.

Respect barrier gestures and don’t be too close to your customers

Saleswoman giving shopping grocery bag with mask and protective glove

The disease COVID-19 should not be a brake on the development of your activity. After the confinement periods, businesses have reopened their doors. In-store purchases have resumed, but respecting barrier gestures is essential to limit the spread of the virus.

Even carriers of the virus, some individuals do not develop visible symptoms. So, in the store, don’t be too close to your customers. A distance of at least one meter is reasonable.

Show without touching to present a product

It quickly happened to touch an infected object without knowing it. Therefore, you could be a source of the spread of the disease. Even when you wash your hands regularly, it is still safe to avoid touching the items.

To present a product to the customer, it is best to point it out. You thus help to limit the sources of contamination.

Remind yourself to disinfect your hands well when leaving your store

It is important to set up a systematic hand washing system. This device must be placed at the entrance of your store. Thus, you limit the risk of the spread of COVID-19 germs. Then remind your customers and employees to disinfect their hands when leaving your store. This is part of good health practices to fight against this disease.

COVID-19 is growing very quickly. It is useful to respect barrier gestures to allow your activity to avoid the consequences of this evil.

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