How to combine DIY and Childcare?

If you have to combine the realization of your current DIY project with the care of your child, you might as well take the opportunity to introduce him to DIY.

Depending on his age, you can give him a workbench with accessories to make him do like you. You can also invite him to participate in your project by helping you (or simply teach him the basics) and together tinker with simple and fun creations for him.

We give you some tips and tricks to reconcile DIY and childcare.

Give him a workbench to do like you

Because he tends to copy and imitate everything you do, it’s no surprise that your youngest child watching you tinker with a workbench wants to do the same. You can then offer him a workbench to do like the grown-ups. Be careful, however, to choose a model for children that is suitable for their age.

It is useful to remember that the recommended age for offering a first workbench to a child is ideally at the age of 3 years. The reason is that before this age your child does not yet make a precise distinction between what is edible and what is not. He will tend to put the coins dangerously in his mouth.

As for the material of the workbench, choose a sufficiently light and robust wooden model, or even a resistant plastic model. Finally, make sure that it is the right size and has as many accessories / tools as possible to allow your child to do like you.

For the older ones, offer them to participate, to help you

When he grows up, you can invite your child to your workshops to offer to participate and help you. No matter how big your DIY projects are, there is bound to be a task he can accomplish at one stage or another.

However, be sure to provide them with the appropriate tools and the individual protections necessary for their safety. Depending on its age, you can find variations of DIY tools designed for children on the market.

Because these are no longer toys, but real devices and tools, be sure to supervise their handling by your child and insist on compliance with safety rules.

Teach him the basics and make simple things with him, for him

Involving your child is also the perfect opportunity to initiate him and teach him the basics of crafts. To allow him to express his creativity and discover for himself what he is capable of doing. So when you are not working on one of your projects, you can devote yourself to creating a simple object together for it.

For support during activities, adopt a fun approach that combines learning and play while remaining focused. Above all, be sure to encourage your child and avoid reproaches as much as possible, the idea being to make the activity fun and enjoyable.

As for the very object to be manufactured, there are many ideas. It could be a piece of furniture for his bedroom, a photo frame, an advent calendar… or more generally something that is useful for the whole house.

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