How to convince your teenager to go to summer camp?

Even if summer camp vacations are fun for teens, some people show a certain reluctance to the idea of ​​doing these organized trips. Unlike the little ones, this is not often due to stress, but rather a lack of interest. So, to be sure that your child will be excited about going there, you need to focus on their interests by following these tips.

Find him a colony in a theme that pleases him

One of the best ways to convince a teenager to go to summer camp is to suggest a program that might interest them. As parents, you need to know about her hobbies, as well as the vacation destinations that should make her happy. To help you in this dynamic, professionals specializing in summer camps organize stays by theme: scientific, nature, linguistics, sport, etc.

In each of these themes, holidaymakers are entitled to fun and educational holidays. Your child will certainly be more motivated to go to a camp if the program meets their expectations. In case you have no fixed ideas on what could make him happy, do not hesitate to discuss it with him, this way, you will find together the best summer camp for teens that makes him want to leave. to the adventure.

Find him a summer camp in an exotic place

Suggesting that a teenager go on vacation to an exotic location is always a good idea. For him, it is the place to reinvent a self, by reappropriating a new identity. Most teenagers want to escape to a country that allows them to experience something different from their daily lives.

This is the opportunity to discover diverse landscapes, historical sites, as well as a new culture. The goal remains to give him the opportunity to break with the daily routine, by integrating changes in his days. A nature excursion, for example, is the ideal choice for those who are often anxious.

Offer to go there with friends of his

From a certain age, children feel the need to be surrounded by their friends, even when they have to go on vacation. For him, it is a way of strengthening his bonds with his friends, by going to meet a new destination. They learn together to fend for themselves and to assert their needs for independence.

Also, keep in mind that wanting to hang out with friends may be the reason for refusing to go to summer camp. By offering him a stay with friends, he will be less sad at the idea of ​​having to leave his friends. In case he feels some anxiety about traveling alone, it will be a good experience to teach him to be more independent.

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