How To Correctly Use Solid Products?

Solid products are the answer to the ever increasing environmental pollution caused by cosmetic product containers. On top of that, they make the body look different, definitely better than your conventional products. However, you can only maximize their benefits if you know how to use them correctly.

How to use a solid shampoo?

One of the main questions many people have before trying a solid shampoo is whether it is as effective as a regular shampoo or if it produces the same lather. Well the point is, it’s just as effective, if not better, if used correctly. The process of using a solid shampoo is quite simple.

First, wet your hair with lukewarm water and rinse off any residue of oil or hair masks. For people with long hair, it is best to part it so that the shampoo reaches every inch of your scalp. Then apply the shampoo to the base of your hair, precisely near the roots, and rub gently. Remember to focus on the roots and massage gently. By doing this, your shampoo will create a nice lather. Finally, rinse off the shampoo.

How to use a solid face mask?

Solid soap, cotton, for beauty mask

The first step is to wet your face with water and also moisten your face mask. Then you can choose to apply the mask to your skin directly with your fingertips or rub it like a cream with your palms. While doing this, note that the skin on your face is delicate, so you need to be soft.

For a deeper effect, you can massage your skin for a while, before letting the mask settle and do what it does best, cleanse your face.

How to use a solid deodorant?

Solid deodorants look like a brick until they come in contact with water. Water is that solution that breaks the defenses of solid cosmetics, releasing their value on our skin. Solid deodorants also work this way, which is why you should moisturize them with a little warm water.

Then apply it gently on your armpits, where it will leave a thin layer of cream that will prevent body odor without affecting your system’s sweating process.

How to keep these solid products?

Toothbrush, solid toothpaste and cotton swab

Unlike typical customer products that come in plastic or other packaging, solid products do not. So you need to know how to store them, and the absolute rule of thumb is to keep them away from moisture.

Whatever you do, protect your solid products from moisture. Just as soap melts when it stays wet for a long time, so do solid products. By placing them in a rack with drains underneath, you ensure that the water never stays around long enough to melt them.

Another option is to buy a jar specially designed for this purpose. The jar must be perforated to facilitate evaporation of the product after use.

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