How to Create a Self-Employed Company to Become a Courier at Deliveroo?

Do you want to become a courier at Deliveroo? Obtaining self-employed status is an essential condition to be fulfilled to work as a courier with this startup.

We explain in detail how to create your own business, as well as the steps to follow when registering to become a courier at Deliveroo.

How do I work with Deliveroo?

To work as a courier for Deliveroo, you must first obtain a self-employed status. This is a prerequisite because the startup only works with courier micro-entrepreneurs or people with their own delivery business. You then need to make sure you reside in an area where the Deliveroo delivery service is active.

You will also need to ensure that you meet the other essential conditions to which the startup’s couriers are subject. That done, all you have to do is apply as a delivery person by registering on the online platform for bicycle courier from Deliveroo.

What status should you choose to be a courier?

To become a courier (by bike) you have the choice between two statuses. That of auto-entrepreneur via the micro-enterprise regime or that of individual company via the creation of a SASU or a EURL. Each of these statutes has its specificities in terms of administrative process, advantages and constraints.

In general, opting for the status of micro-entrepreneur is the easiest option you can choose to become self-employed and start your courier services with Deliveroo. It involves simplified administrative procedures and is accompanied by attractive tax and social advantages for a turnover capped at € 70,000 / year.

As for the status of individual company, it allows you to create a delivery company in the legal form of SASU or EURL. It will have legal personality and a heritage distinct from yours. However, this status implies much heavier administrative procedures than those of a micro-enterprise.

What are the registration steps to be a courier at Deliveroo?

Registering as a courier with Deliveroo follows a simple and fast process. Here is a summary of the steps you will need to follow to register and recruit with the startup.

  • Step 1: go to the online recruitment platform Deliveroo to initiate your registration
  • Step 2: You will then have to complete the registration form as well as a small questionnaire and provide the necessary documents to verify your courier account.
  • Step 3: You will be invited to Deliveroo’s premises for an information meeting and possibly the signing of your contract. The company will also verify the conformity of your work equipment and activate your courier account.

Is it profitable to become a courier?

Whether it is envisaged as part of a side activity for additional income or the quest for professional independence, the profession of courier has something to convince financially. However, there is no fixed remuneration.

Your income depends mainly on the number of your services. But also delivery rates which may vary from one company to another. As well as the city in which you work and any tips from customers. Not to mention the possibility that you have to work simultaneously for several delivery services to maximize your income.

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