How to create a simple wardrobe capsule for children?

Are you looking for smart ways to save time with your kids? Choosing their outfits is more of a chore than a moment of pleasure? Their wardrobe may not be optimal… We have the perfect solution for you! Create a simple wardrobe capsule for each sibling. This concept is quite popular among minimalists, who among other things want to simplify their wardrobe. It’s also a great way to take the mental load off of dress choice. Think, for example, of Mark Zuckerberg, who wears the same gray t-shirt with jeans all the time. Less energy spent on clothing issues, more time to devote to your business empire. Without going to this extreme, here are some tips to create a simple and practical wardrobe capsule for your children:

Capsule wardrobe: What is it?

Building a capsule wardrobe consists of selecting only a few items of clothing that are easy to combine and match together. This way you can take any top and bottom from the wardrobe and pair them together without questioning. You no longer need to find suitable combinations every day.

Ideally, a wardrobe capsule for children includes between 12 and 14 pieces per season. This equates to about 6 tops, 5 bottoms (and a dress for girls). Add to that the underwear and a party outfit or two.

Also remember to label all of your children’s clothes. This will offer you two major advantages: no more confusion between the clothes of your different children; and less risk of loss, exchange or theft of business between school friends. Always with a view to simplicity, we recommend personalized self-adhesive clothing labels. Thus, your children will be able to stick them on their own things, which empowers them and saves you even more time.

Fashionable kid dressed simply

The advantages of the capsule wardrobe

Very useful for an adult, the capsule wardrobe concept is just as useful for children. Here are more advantages:

  • If your toddler wants to choose his outfit himself, you no longer have to intervene to guide his choices. Whatever his selection, he will be well dressed. One less worry for overworked parents!
  • When it comes time to do laundry, an ingenious choice of clothes (colors, materials, etc.) can greatly simplify your task.
  • Children grow up quite quickly. Limiting their wardrobe to a few carefully chosen pieces will save you money in the process.
  • As a bonus, you also teach them how to become conscious and intelligent consumers, far from the excesses of fast fashion.

Tips for creating a simple child’s wardrobe capsule

Finally, here are some tips for building a simple children’s wardrobe capsule:

  1. Choose comfortable clothes, adapted to its morphology and its activities. Prefer elastic waistlines, cuts offering enough freedom of movement and soft, natural materials.
  2. Shop for quality, durable clothing that will stand up to a child’s heavy use. You can even reuse them for his little brothers and sisters and / or resell them afterwards.
  3. Select clothes that are easy to match. Bet on plain pieces, in harmonious tones. If you want patterns, limit them to tops only. Thus, they will not be able to swear with the plain stockings. Apply this absolute rule: all ups and downs should match each other.
  4. Go to one or two stores. The sizes will be uniform from one garment to another, which will avoid unpleasant surprises or unnecessary waste of time during the purchase. Coordinating outfits is also easier with pieces from the same vendor.
  5. Without compromising on quality or aesthetics, buy affordable clothes. For example, take advantage of the sales to do your shopping.

Creating a simple wardrobe capsule will make your life easier and free up time for more important activities with your children. So give it a try!

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