How to create unique and recognizable corporate clothing?

Do you want to reinforce the brand image of your company or strengthen the corporate culture by displaying your colors on your employees’ outfits?

Why not set yourself apart from some of the competition by creating your own unique and recognizable corporate outfits?

In this article, we give you advice on how to create your unique clothes in the image of your company.

Create recognizable clothing by adding silkscreen prints

If you want your team’s outfits to be unique and recognizable, you as a business owner should consider put personalized labels.

You will be able to distinguish your employees by adding beautiful personalized clothing labels to their clothes.

We also recommend that you take into account theyour brand image and the message you want to convey through these labels. Colors, patterns, fonts, they all have meaning.

Color the clothes of your teams with the colors of your firm

The first important thing to take into account before creating your clothes for your teams is the design you want to give them. If you want your employees to wear identical t-shirts, caps, polo shirts or hats, consider personalizing their clothing with the your company logo.

We advise you to choose a set that reflects the visual identity of your firm. So, going green for a gardening business is a classic that still works. On the other hand, you will not choose a red shirt for a funeral director …

Do not hesitate to do several tests and to survey your partners to help you make the right choice.

Make clothes in line with your profession

Wanting your teams to wear a distinctive outfit with a personalized label or screen printing is a great marketing idea. But, remember that comfort is the goal of corporate clothing.

So, it makes perfect sense to have several different outfits for a company. In security agencies, patrolmen do not have the same outfits as salespeople canvassing companies or department managers.

As they are the first to be affected, do not hesitate to ask your employees for their opinion. Sometimes the addition of pockets, a wider bottom, a less warm color or a more breathable fabric is an idea adored by those who will wear the outfit.

Quality textiles suitable for use

The textile deserves a paragraph on its own. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on the style rather than the clothing itself.

Yes, it is very important to choose colors, a logo, labels or types of clothing that suit your business. But, what about the quality of the textile?

Don’t just focus on the price. Take the example of a t-shirt. A low weight results in a t-shirt which is easily deformed and which is damaged after a few ports. On the other hand, the right weight can transform a simple top into an elegant outfit.

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