How to decorate your living room with wallpaper?

Gone are the days of your grandparents when living rooms were lined with impressive wallpapers with floral motifs. Today, wallpaper adapts to modern and contemporary tastes.

By choosing the right wallpaper (s), you can design a unique decoration in your living room. This is particularly the case with geometric, original and elegant wallpapers.

Design a vintage vibe

Geometric shapes were all the rage in the 60s. By opting for colors beloved of that era for your paper, you can easily recreate a vintage feel in your living room.

Hypnotic, the geometric wallpaper surprises the newcomer. With careful decoration, you can be sure that all guests passing through your living room will remember your qualities as a decorator.

Define several universes in your living room

The wide variety of geometric wallpapers that exist allows you to multiply the universes in your living room. Even in a small living room of twenty square meters, it is in your interest to play with the coverings to give additional character. In a large living room of forty meters or more, this becomes an obligation so that the room has life and does not look like a commercial premises …

It’s easier than you think!

The easiest way is to highlight your TV cabinet, which is usually the centerpiece of the living room. Thus, you can line your wall with a dark background to give it a little air of a movie theater, or choose a more quirky atmosphere with the installation of a wallpaper imitating a brick wall.

Ideally, have two to three universes in a living room with a large area. It can be a dining area with lighter wallpaper and larger geometric shapes. This choice allows guests to not feel confined and to be more comfortable at the table.

Then you can have a little reading nook. A Scandinavian chair and coffee table, combined with wallpaper with zig-zag shapes, is enough to create a unique and pleasant space.

Another idea to implement: the embellishment of the fireplace. For years, individuals have installed electric or gas heating in all their rooms. Then, nostalgic, they chose to return to fireplaces, always more elegant and economical. This can be a classic fireplace with wood, such as a similar accessory like a wood stove or a pellet stove.

Take advantage of its presence to create a cozy space. With limited space, just line the column of the fireplace up to the ceiling. If you have more freedom, widen a few feet to create a place where the family will love to gather in winter.

These few ideas are far from exhaustive. Use them to develop your creativity and imagine a living room magnified by the combinations of colors, materials and patterns on your wall coverings.

Mistakes with geometric paper in a living room

Achieving a beautiful decoration in your living room is easier than you might think before trying and does not require being an expert in art deco. However, it is just as quick to make mistakes.

With geometric wallpaper, the first mistake is usually to overload the decoration. Creating universes is a good decorator reflex, but if you do five in a small room and pick up some bright colors with big patterns, the whole thing will sound shallow and stuffy.

You should also think carefully about the arrangement of furniture, frames and lighting. If you do the wallpaper before placing the furniture or move the furniture every month, you will have a lag.

Finally, don’t forget to vary your pleasures from year to year. Indeed, putting a few strips of wallpaper is quick, simple and inexpensive. You should therefore take the opportunity to regularly modify your decoration. Even a magnificent place loses its beauty by dint of seeing it, so if you want to have a smile when you look at your living room, make a habit of changing your room as you wish.

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