How to detect bedbugs during your trip?

What could be more wonderful than enjoying your travels to the fullest. But to ensure its well-being, it is essential to attach great importance to its hygiene. Among the insects that can ruin a trip are bed bugs. Small insects, bedbugs can have serious consequences on our health. Wondering how to spot bed bugs on your trip? Answers through this article!

How to recognize bed bugs?

Bed bugs have different characteristics that make them detectable. Indeed, they are often visible to the naked eye, are brown or red in color and have an oval shape with a length of 5 to 7mm. As for their eggs, they are white in color and the size of a pinhead.

But how to detect bedbugs during your trip?

Bed bugs tend to hide everywhere, in any place they find “food”. They are therefore found under mattresses and even under box springs. These places are favorable for their reproduction since they allow them to bite people during their sleep.

These insects are especially active at night since they hate light and extreme heat or cold. They prefer dark places that are not easily accessible to humans. Several clues make it possible to prove their presence. If you notice that there are small black stains on the bed sheets in the hotel room, on the mattresses or even on the box spring, be sure that they are traces of bedbugs. Indeed, it is the excrement of these insects.

When it comes to bedbug bites, they are itchy and resemble mosquito bites. These bites can be aligned and will appear anywhere on the skin! Everyone reacts to bedbug bites differently, so if you experience any itching or rash be sure to bring a soothing cream in your travel medicine kit to reduce inflammation and the uncomfortable feeling of scratching.

Inform the hotelier

In everyone’s interest, don’t hesitate to let your hotel know so they can change your room. By warning them, you will have done a good deed because the hotel can contact a bedbug disinfection company to quickly eradicate this scourge and prevent a general spread. This type of invasion requires establishments to intervene quickly under penalty of closing the establishment to treat all the rooms or quite simply being faced with a drop in attendance following negative reviews of the hotel for the presence of bedbugs. bed or other pests.

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home

When you leave your hotel and avoid bringing back insects without your knowledge, you can invest in anti-bedbug pads to place them in your hand luggage and suitcase when you return, but also pads to place under your mattress during your trip. stay in order to avoid getting bitten during the night. Disadvantage, these products emit strong odors by their chemical composition to repel these pests and you will have to clean your clothes on your return from your stay to eliminate the effects of the product.

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