How To Determine And Solve A Starter Problem?

You can turn the ignition key but your car won’t start? There is a strong fear that his starter is faulty or out of order.

However, you will have to make sure that the problem is actually linked to this key part, by checking the other elements essential to starting your car, such as the battery in particular.

How do I know if the starter is dead?

A starter failure can have several causes and result in more or less obvious symptoms that allow it to be identified. Before any correct diagnosis, a preliminary check of the other essential devices to start your vehicle such as the battery for example is necessary.

Pre-check the other essential parts when starting your vehicle

Besides the starter, other vehicle components play a key role in the starting process. So before hastily concluding that there is a starter problem, you must make sure that the source of the problem is not elsewhere.

In particular, you should check the condition of your car’s battery. To make sure it is not flat or broken down. Indeed, it is this which feeds the starter and therefore in the event of breakdown or discharge, it is logical that your vehicle cannot start.

If it turns out that your battery is working fine, then you can perform a diagnostic of the starter itself.

Know the symptoms of a faulty or out-of-service starter

You should know that a starter problem can have multiple causes. It may result from a failure affecting one of its main parts or hindering electrical contact. The most common situations show:

  • A faulty starter motor (breakage of the forks and / or the gear system)
  • A Neimann fault affecting the starter power supply
  • A faulty solenoid
  • Seizure of the starter
  • A voltage drop in the starter circuit.

In practice, the signs indicating a death of the starter are easily manifested when you step in and turn the ignition key. You will then hear clicking sounds and the starter motor spinning in a vacuum without the car being able to start. On the other hand, if you don’t hear any noise, it could also be that the starter is simply seized up or dusty.

How to unlock a starter?

The repair of the starter will depend essentially on the diagnosed cause. Depending on the case, the solutions will consist of cleaning or replacing the entire starter. Complete cleaning followed by lubrication will be applied in the event of dust or contamination of the starter.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to replace the starter with a new one that is new (or used) in the event of a fault with the motor or the solenoid.

Unless you are a mechanical ace, we strongly advise you to entrust the troubleshooting of your vehicle to a professional. He will be able to better diagnose the origin of the problem with your starter before proceeding with the necessary repairs in the rules of the art and with all the guarantees.

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