How to do an exceptional tantric massage?

You feel a drop in your libido or you will like to have a good time of relaxation with your partner. In both cases, tantric massage will be of great benefit to you. It will make it possible to activate, more beautifully, the amorous essence between you and your spouse.

To achieve this wonderful result, you need to master the different stages of massage.

What are the steps for successful massage?

The different stages are important for the success of the massage. When you bypass a step or in case of poor execution, the result will also be mixed. So you have to take each step into account and follow them to the letter.

Step 1: Have time and then ensure a well-planted decor

To succeed in your tantric massage, also called body body, you will need a minimum of time. Planning around twenty minutes is not the time it takes for a good tantric massage. You must be willing to make time for this intimate moment.

If this is done, make sure that the scene is well set, an atmosphere conducive. Make sure your other half is seated properly. Not on a bed, this is a very common mistake. But on a soft carpet, put up a towel warmed with an iron on which he or she will lie down.

At the four ends, put lighted candles to create romance. Once the decor has been set, you go to the next step.

Step 2: Choose an erotic aphrodisiac oil

Choose an oil that will make your best friend shiver to the touch of the skin. A rich oil that will nourish her skin and awaken all of her senses. For the choice, take into account the scent it gives off depending on the preferences of your prince or your princess. All this contributes to the creation of a romantic atmosphere.

In general, it is advisable to use an erotic aphrodisiac oil in order to optimize the pleasure of your partner.

Step 3: The procedure and the parts to be massaged

Soak a few drops of the oil on your fingers and then on the body of your lying partner. Then slide your fingers up and down from the neck to the ankle gently and slowly. Take your time and make these movements have a romantic effect on your partner.

Now, start by massaging the shoulders, the palms of the hands, continue until touching the plank of the feet. Gently and delicately, spend enough time brushing your partner’s penis a little. Remember that the oil remains your best ally that you will regularly use to trigger waves of emotions in your loved one.

By following these different steps, you are sure to succeed in the tantric massage and at the same time have a unique evening with your sexual partner.

Why is tantric massage very important for your couple?

This massage reactivates the flame of love you had for your spouse on the first day. It brings you closer and strengthens your bond. These are moments that will remain etched in our memory.

As another reason, it allows you not to get bored and to spice up your life as a couple through moments of very intimate pleasure. Do it twice a month and you will see how many times your married life will be rosy.

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