How to do the Tour of Lake Geneva?

Many mobility solutions allow you to travel around Lake Geneva while enjoying the exceptional landscapes that it offers to watch.

Depending on your preferences and your means, you can choose to make your excursion in the comfort of a car with a private driver, in a rental van, by boat or by bike.

Discover our tips to help you choose the best way to tour Lake Geneva.

Choose comfort, with a private driver

You can ideally book a private driver to tour Lake Geneva in the comfort of a prestigious car.

Many car rental services provide you with a varied range of comfortable vehicles for standard to VIP class transport services.

Depending on whether you approach the tour from the French side or the Swiss side, a professional and experienced private driver will be able to lead you on the best routes around Lake Geneva.

Rent a van to sleep wherever you want

Van parked in a parking lot at the water's edge

You can also choose to make the trip to the lake in a rental van or motorhome. It is ideal if you are going for several days to Lake Geneva.

You can then consider a complete tour that can be done in 7 days, or limit your exploration to the larger Swiss shore that you can cover in around 5 days against 2 days for the French shore.

In any case, with a van, you will not have to worry about parking or where to sleep, the Lake Geneva route being equipped with numerous parking areas and camper vans suitable for vans.

The boat to go from one bank to another

Boat, sailboat sailing on a lake surrounded by mountains

This is one of the best ways you can choose to go around Lake Geneva. You can then either embark on a ferry or on a liner for a dream cruise on one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

In any case, taking the boat trip will allow you to discover all the treasures of Lake Geneva and will undoubtedly be a moment of wonder thanks to the changing spectacle offered by the lake.

Cycling for the sporty side

Blue racing road bike

You can finally choose to set off to conquer the tour of Lake Geneva by bike. The main advantage of making the trip by bike is that you can exercise at the same time.

It should be noted that the tour of Lake Geneva by bike represents an average of 177 km in distance, with nearly 600 height differences, achievable in about 6 hours (or 4 hours for the fastest cyclists). Which is more than enough to stimulate you physically.

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