How to do without Amazon in 2019?

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The question deserves to be asked as the American firm is establishing itself as the undisputed leader of online commerce. In 2017, Amazon achieved 178 billion turnover, or 60% more than a company like Carrefour, which nevertheless shines globally.

However, criticism is raining down on Amazon and in particular on its personnel or supplier management, or its desire not to pay taxes in France. If for moral reasons, you want to bypass their platform, there are many remedies.

Rediscover a taste for neighborhood shops

Did you know what we were doing before Amazon, and even before the Internet? We went outside to buy from the neighborhood merchants! The technique is not obsolete and even has many advantages. It makes you get some fresh air, you check the quality of the product before buying it, can benefit from advice from a salesman, do not wait impatiently for a delivery man who does not ring …

Granted, it takes time and requires you to move around, but put together some shopping and do your shopping on a weekend day. Learn again to stroll through city centers and relax.

Stop new Amazon services

All the new Amazon services compete with well-established businesses. Take the example of Amazon Pantry where you buy groceries online while supermarkets or small neighborhood shops are very numerous in France. By ordering in this way, you risk participating in the shortage of merchants and therefore forcing yourself to go through Amazon.

Stopping or avoiding the Prime program decreases the risk that you get into the habit of going to Amazon for everything. As for cultural offers (Audible, Music, Video…), there are always alternatives.

Test the competition

What if your regular purchases on Amazon were simply the result of a reflex? It is wrong to say that Amazon always has the best prices or that only they know how to deliver on time. When it comes to price, it’s hard to beat AliExpress.

There are more and more small efficient e-commerce sites. All you have to do is search Google or Qwant for the products you want and by browsing the results pages you will sometimes find some very nice online stores.

Take a tour of coupon code sites

Another effective technique for find these online stores and to benefit from good prices can be to look at the proposals of the big sites of coupon codes or cashback. For example, on Ebuyclub, with a few clicks you have a list of stores that are eligible for their offer in the product category you are looking for.

Plan your orders in advance

What’s the key to Amazon’s success? It’s not their prices or the sheer size of their catalog, but the incredible speed at which they ship the products. In large cities, it is even possible to have it delivered the same day.

So there are times when you end up buying from Amazon because you are constrained by time. To avoid this situation, stop doing everything at the last minute. So instead of waiting until December 23 to order your Christmas gifts and restrict yourself to products sold through the Amazon Prime program, do your shopping at the beginning of the month.

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