How to domicile a business in Bordeau?

Bordeaux is an ideal city for establishing the head office of your company. The domiciliation of a company is compulsory and that whatever the legal status of this one. Bordeaux has many advantages for a business and its development.

Why create a domiciliation of your company in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is one of the most economically and dynamic cities in France, it would be a shame to do without it for your business. She has the perfect environment to grow her business and see positive results, but here are the real reasons for domiciling her business in this city.

Bordeaux an increasingly attractive city

Its economic and urban development continues to grow, which is why entrepreneurs are very attracted. But that’s not all, it has the French Tech Label, which motivates many start-ups to settle in the Bordeaux metropolis.

Its ease of access and the possibilities of reaching Paris in just 2 hours give many possibilities for setting up a head office. Especially since compared to Paris, rents are much more affordable and the quality of life is known to be better.

A quality of life that many would like

This city offers an exceptional quality of life, both in terms of tourism, gastronomy, climate, but also from an economic point of view. It is a young and dynamic city with many students, who will be looking for a job afterwards, so there are employment possibilities. While enjoying the benefits of the city, in a much more pleasant and less hectic setting than that to be the case in Paris.

You just need to find a prestigious address in the city to set up your business and you will see its visibility, as well as its notoriety, increase. It’s a chance to conquer a new target and to take advantage of an exceptional business center such as the Golden Triangle, Saint-Seurin, or Bordeaux Bastide.

Who to turn to to create a business address?

You will have to find the right interlocutor for the commercial domiciliation of your company in Bordeaux. By going through a specialized company, you are sure to find an address of choice, with a certain standing.

Once the company has been found, it will offer you offers and it will be up to you to validate them, you can also take advantage of additional services, such as mail and telephone call management. She will offer you tailor-made services according to your needs. You can access meeting rooms, you can occupy offices.

What is domiciliation?

It is quite simply a physical address of a company, it corresponds to the head office and must be declared at the center of formality of companies. As indicated on the Gazette du Palais website, domiciliation is one of the first steps to be taken when setting up a company. This declaration allows the manager to obtain his registration with the RCS (Trade and Companies Register, and therefore to exercise his activity legally.

This domiciliation address can correspond to your premises, to a personal address, the address of another company, what is important is that the same address must appear on all documents. This will allow you to receive your letters, or to be able to organize meetings at the chosen address.

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