How To Dress Well In Winter When You’re A Man?

Winter is a season known for its harsh climatic conditions. Sometimes dressing accordingly and in style can be difficult, especially for men. So, how do you choose pieces that combine comfort and style and above all keep warm? Find out the answers in this guide to men’s outfits.

Choose a comfortable and pleasant first layer

In winter, the first rule to respect when it comes to clothing is the 3-layer rule. So, for the first layer, opt for comfortable pieces that wick away perspiration. These criteria are essential since it is this layer that will be in direct contact with your skin. In other words, it is t-shirts, underwear and tights or leggings. In terms of material, it is necessary to favor cotton, linen and merino wool.

For the second layer: a garment to keep the heat

The second layer or the insulating layer helps keep your body heat in. Regarding the material, it is recommended to turn to natural materials. Indeed, synthetic materials tend to promote perspiration without retaining heat. The preferred materials are therefore wool, cotton and feather.

A third layer to counter the cold

This last layer is the one that protects you against the cold, the wind and the humidity of the air. As such, you should favor waterproof and windproof pieces. For this, synthetic materials are a good option. Wool is also a safe bet. Other material choices are leather, waxed cotton, and microfiber polyester.

Also, don’t hesitate to opt for a leather jacket with a sheepskin lining. This type of jacket combines the insulating side and the waterproof side expected from the second and third layer.

How to choose the right jacket for the winter?

The jacket is the piece that acts as protection against the cold and the wind. So, it is important to take the time to choose it well. First of all, you have to favor a piece that is versatile and lasts over time. We can mention the trench coat, the pea coat or the long coat for an elegant style. For a casual look, invest in a leather jacket or teddy.

For the color, choose materials that are easy to combine such as black, gray, navy blue, camel or even khaki. Regarding the material, opt for leather, wool, cashmere or synthetic materials for high-end pieces.

Which sweater to choose to maintain the heat?

For the sweater, it must be comfortable, able to retain body heat and isolate drafts. It is with good reason that knitted sweaters are much more recommended. In terms of matter, on the other hand, we must choose natural materials, especially animal ones. We distinguish silk, wool or cashmere.

For the visual, play with patterns and colors. As the jacket already has a versatile color, so you can allow yourself some fancy.

Which shoe to wear in winter?

For shoes, go for leather which is both sturdy and resistant. Regarding the soles, it is recommended to choose the rubber ones. However, opt for the upright and lined models with a natural sheepskin lining.

What are the best accessories for winter?

In terms of accessories, the essentials are the hat, scarf and gloves. The aim is to cover the extremities which are particularly sensitive to the cold. That is why you should opt for the headgear and scarf in wool, silk or cashmere. As for the pair of gloves, the ideal remains leather with a natural material lining.

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