How to dropshipping with Aliexpress and Shopify?

Creating an online store with Shopify and not having to manage the stock thanks to Aliexpress is like doing a dropshipping store. This system is accessible to all and can be very simple to set up by following a good method. Here’s how to dropshipping with Aliexpress and Shopify.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows a company to operate without maintaining inventory, without having a warehouse to store its products, or even without having to ship its products to its customers itself. The operation is simple, the retailer partners with a dropship supplier who manufactures and / or warehouses the products, packages and ships them directly to the retailer’s customer and on behalf of the retailer, as Aliexpress does.

In simpler terms, this is how dropshipping works:

  • The customer places an order for a product on the retailer’s online store.
  • The retailer automatically or manually passes the order and customer details to the dropship supplier.
  • The dropship supplier packages and ships the order directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer.

This type of business model is extremely attractive, as it eliminates the need for the store owner to have a physical location such as an office space or warehouse, instead all he needs is ‘laptop and internet connection.

How to dropshipping with Aliexpress

Although dropshipping with Aliexpress is the ideal option, you need to do a lot of research before you start it. Planning is the first step. It is also necessary to follow a step by step procedure.

Select a niche for your dropshipping business

The first thing to do is choose a suitable niche. You need to choose the right products for your dropshipping business to be successful. When selecting products you should:

  • Choose good products at great prices.
  • Select the most popular items.
  • Keep your target market and audience in mind.

Find suppliers

Finding suitable suppliers can be a difficult task. There are many suppliers, but choosing the right ones is not easy.

When selecting suppliers don’t just go through the first few pages. You need to browse over 30-40 pages to find the right vendor for your business. Vendors don’t care about marketing techniques and you will have to deal with them for your online business. Select a supplier who has good recommendations and is known to deliver the shipment on time.

Prepare a standard questionnaire

It’s really important. If you want to answer all of your questions, you need to be open enough to ask them. It is essential to ask all questions to the supplier. Even the most unlikely questions, it is important to ask them so as not to have any surprises afterwards.

An easy way to do this is to jot down your questions in one place. Therefore, you can send these questions to the supplier and you will get all the required answers. And could select one of the suppliers with confidence.

Set up your website

The next thing you need to do is build your dropshipping store. A number of platforms allow you to do this very quickly. The best known and most used is Shopify.

It is not even necessary to have training in development, everything is very intuitive. A simple drag and drop feature will help you set up your own online store in under 2 hours.

Then, all you have to do is select a module to directly link Aliexpress to your store. Orders will be automatically accepted, prepared and shipped in your own name, from the Aliexpress platform.

Get your first order

You receive an order and it is the first order. You must be very happy, but you still have to do a few actions to validate it and make the customer receive it.

You must have online payment modules like PayPal for instant payments. After receiving the payment, you will place the order with Aliexpress dropshipper and they will ship the product to your customer.

Follow-up after an order has been placed

You need to handle customer queries well if you want your dropshipping store to be successful. Your job doesn’t end after the sale. Good customer service in the dropshipping service is essential in building a good reputation and keeping your customers connected to your dropshipping store.

Make your product sheets on Shopify

To sell products, the user must be won over by what he sees, won over by the product itself. Creating a product sheet that is aesthetically pleasing and effective in terms of content is essential.

Important elements on a product sheet

  • A catchy title is optimized: the title must contain the right keywords, match the product. It is necessary to use words that the user would be led to type at the time of his research.
  • Have a good description: this is a significant point, the customer must know everything about the product and why he should buy it. You have to promote the product, convince by giving the benefits, which sets it apart. The product sheet must be complete to answer as many questions as possible that the customer might ask.
  • Give visitors a great call to action. There are many call-to-action practices, but your “Add to Cart” button should be placed just below the price of the product and visible on the page without a user having to scroll and need to. search.
  • Add social proof: few people buy on the web, without having read customer reviews, so you have to include a section containing customer reviews in your product page.
  • A good visual: the customer is above all won over by the product visual, so you have to put beautiful product photos and why not add a video presenting them.
  • The price must be clearly indicated, the customer must not have surprises when arriving at the basket.
  • Offer similar products: to persuade the user to buy more, offer them products that are related to the product they are viewing.

How to properly showcase your products on Shopify?

  • Use images of products that sell: Images are arguably the most important aspect of your product page. Make sure you have great, high-resolution product photos illustrating your product details! You should also use product variations to showcase different angles and functionality of your product.
  • Video is a major asset for presenting a product: to make sales, the customer must be won over and for that he must be convinced by the product he sees and that thanks to a good product sheet. Video is a massive growing trend in marketing right now. However, if used inefficiently on product pages, it can hurt your conversion rate. To edit your video there are plenty of software out there, here are some of the best – Top 20 Best Free Video Editing Software Recommended by Oberlo.

You now have the essentials to get started in dropshipping with Aliexpress and Shopify. You know why it’s beneficial and how you should set it up. As a web novice, it is very easy to get started in this type of business, to become independent and have your own store without too much constraint.

Why drop shipping?

As a business model, dropshipping has several aspects that are beneficial, and the very easy way to create your own business, such as:

  • You don’t need a physical store to start dropshipping. This means that you don’t have to buy or rent space to make your sales.
  • You place the order with the supplier and they handle everything from preparation to shipping.
  • The risk is negligible, as you can switch niches if a product isn’t performing well. Because you have no inventory, you can leave and change your niche at any time.
  • Thanks to dropshipping, you can opt for the diversity of products offering a wider audience through your online store.
  • Dropshipping saves you time, you just need to take the orders and pass them on to the supplier. With this sales system, you can focus more on your business strategies and generate income.
  • Dropshipping gives you the flexibility of location because you can work from anywhere, anytime.

These few points are just a small glimpse of the benefits of starting a dropshipping store. To find out more about the advantages of dropshipping, visit Matthieu Tranvan’s website.

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