How to earn money on the internet ?

Today, thanks to the Internet, each of us can easily earn money. There are many ways to do this and that by taking a few actions. It’s not about being a professional, you just need to use the right niche and the one that’s right for you. Here are 5 techniques to help you make money on the Internet.

Launch a store in Dropshipping

A well-known technique and yet which is not sufficiently implemented, the launch of a dropshipping store. This leaves the door open to anyone wishing to have their own shop while taking advantage of many advantages, which are

  • No stock therefore saves space
  • Possibility to create your store with many solutions (Shopify, Dropizi, WordPress, …)
  • Tripartite sales, the customer, you and your supplier
  • No management of product shipments, everything is done by the supplier

It is therefore an ideal solution when you want to start selling products online, if you want to know more about this system and know how to make money, you will have all the information in this article.

Mintos, a solution to easily earn money

Mintos is a platform that manages loans between individuals also called P2P. Its operation is rather simple, a borrower applies for a loan, then the request is assessed by the issuer, sets an interest rate and lends money. Your loan will be repaid in full with interest.

The yields of this platform can reach 12% from 10 €. You should know that you lend money, for a period of 30 days to 4 years depending on the request and the amount thereof.

However, there are also risks, the borrower may be unable to repay their loan, then you will have lost the money you spent to help them. However, it is rare that this happens, because the Mintos teams carried out numerous analyzes before accepting the issuer’s loan application and analyzed its repayment capacity.

As a photographer upload your images to Adobe stock

You are not necessarily a professional photographer and yet you are gifted and you take beautiful photographs. So do not hesitate to put them on image banks, such as Adobe stock or Shutterstock. You will receive copyright on each image sold.

Adobe stock is an image bank that is used a lot by professionals, but many people are looking for a quality image and want to be able to use it legally. They therefore go through this type of platform to provide themselves with images.

The CashBack technique to earn money on the Internet

Cashback consists of recovering money during a purchase. The seller agrees to return money to the buyer based on the purchase price. This is a technique that is very profitable when you make a lot of purchases on the internet.

For example, you spend 100 € for a product with the cashback technique you can recover up to 5 € on this expense. To do this, you must register on a platform such as iGraal, Poulpeo or Ebuyclub and enter your purchases with the requested proofs.

Affiliation a good way to integrate monetization into your blog

If you are a blogger, whatever your theme, travel, fashion, gastronomy, then it is possible to integrate affiliate links in your articles. Thanks to this you will be able to earn money easily without constraint. There are many platforms offering affiliation that you could integrate on your blog, the most famous is

With this technique you will earn money without any product, and you don’t necessarily have to simply apply the affiliation to your blog, you can also integrate it into your social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

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