How to earn money with your blog ?

Blogging is one of the best activities to make money on the internet today. That said, creating a blog that generates income that can allow you to make a decent living requires method, a minimum of investment, and a lot of persistence on your part.

Make a living from your blog in 7 steps

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Here are the 7 steps that will help you promote your blog, monetize it, and make a living from its income.

Step 1: Turn your personal blog into a pro

Migrating to a professional blog is the first step to making your blog profitable. It will serve as a professional showcase for your brand, presentation and sale of your services. So you need to start by preparing a strategy for redesigning or transforming your personal blog into a professional blog.

Step 2: Find the point that sets you apart

Depending on the niche you choose for your blog, you will face competition from many blogs. You have to work on standing out and forging the identity of your blog. This involves studying / analyzing what your competitors are already offering, then defining what you offer that is different and better to Internet users.

Step 3: Target your keywords correctly

The structure and content of your blog should be optimized for SEO. This essentially involves choosing the relevant keywords for the domain name of your blog. But especially for those to introduce in the articles that you publish on your blog for a better referencing.

Step 4: If you can’t do it, delegate tasks

Managing a blog effectively requires a variety of skills and above all a lot of time to spend. You can then delegate all or part of the management and animation of your blog. From creation, interface updates, to content strategy, writing and publishing articles.

Step 5: Create your own network

The success of your block will largely depend on your ability to build a strong network of prospects and leads. This will be done easily with the creation and publication of high value articles and the use of social networks. The objective is to attract a large mass of visitors that you can convert into customers and retain.

Step 5: Choose a type of monetization

You can at this point choose the ideal option that will allow you to generate income from your blog. Several monetization solutions are available to you:

  • Google Adsense advertising
  • Affiliation
  • Selling your own products or services …

Step 6: Create a tunnel and a specific sales path

The sales path must be well put together to encourage the purchase and consumption of your product / service. From the prospect’s visit to your blog, awareness of their need, to conversion to a buyer, the decision to buy and retention as a customer.

Step 7: Create an email list

You must encourage your visitors to contact you or give you their contact details that you will collect to build an email list.

Content yes, but with a good system

Choose a simple, secure and ideal content creation and management system for SEO optimization. The most popular CMS for managing blogs remains WordPress. Of course there are several others like Drupal or Joomla.

Test strategies, adapt or change

Finally, you must constantly monitor the evolution of traffic to your site and its activities. Do not hesitate to test different strategies, change them or adapt them according to the evolution of techniques and trends in digital marketing and web referencing.

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