How to effectively use bear garlic, to benefit from these benefits?

Wild garlic is known for its many benefits, but to enjoy it, you need to know how to prepare it properly. How to harvest this plant and prepare it, habits that must be taken for it to be really effective.

Where can you find bear garlic and how to recognize it?

Bear’s garlic grows mainly in damp places, in the undergrowth. It is important to know how to recognize it, because this plant can be confused with the thrush which is very toxic. It is quite simple to find it and generally it is not mixed with lily of the valley.

You will find it in groups, as it lines the forest floor with its leaves and white leaves that have thin petals. Its leaves are thin and give off a strong garlic scent, you can’t go wrong.

How to harvest wild garlic?

You should know that you should especially not eat this raw plant directly after picking, indeed wild animals can do their business on it. There are other tips to know when picking a perennial plant like wild garlic.

  • You should not pick in batches, in fact you will collect too many elements and you will no longer be able to determine which leaves correspond to wild garlic.
  • Choose mature leaves, individually and closer to the ground. This will avoid confusing with other plants, like lily of the valley that comes out with multiple leaves.
  • Once you have harvested a first leaf, you should wash your hands if possible, because you will have a strong smell of garlic on your hands, which will prevent you from identifying the other plants.

How to prepare wild garlic?

Once harvested and washed, you can harvest wild garlic raw or cooked. You can for example cut the leaves thinly and add them to a salad, mayonnaise. You can also freeze the leaves for later use and make a pesto.

If you prefer leather, you can add more to each of your dishes, but you will have to do so at the end of cooking. But you can also incorporate them into your pies, with pasta like you would with spinach.

What are the benefits of this plant?

Wild garlic is a plant that has many health benefits, for example it is very popular as an antibacterial, antiviral or even antifungal. When you have digestion problems, a very good anti-inflammatory. In addition to these different benefits, it is a very good plant for the blood circulation, therefore consuming it regularly has many benefits for staying in good health.

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