how to effectively use this project management tool?

As a manager, it is essential that you manage the projects that you have correctly. For this, you will need to have several tools like Trello. It is one of the most suitable applications for this purpose.

Before effectively using the Trello app, there are certain steps you need to take. These include your registration and the creation of tables.

Start with registration

To sign up for Trello, you need to create your username and password. This will allow you to be the administrator of the different projects that you need to process on the platform.

After your registration, it will be necessary to follow the tutorial which will guide you in the use of this management tool. Then you need to create tables.

Create your tables

Creating tables is a crucial step for anyone wishing to improve their productivity. Indeed, it is on these that you have the possibility to insert the different projects to be managed. In this context, you must give a name to each table in order to find yourself.

Once on the board you have created, you can create multiple columns in which you will need to create maps. We also recommend that you give each column and each card a name.

For columns, you can give names like “current project” or completed project. You will be able to make an inventory by logging in. The most important thing is to make sure to assign a project for a painting. Otherwise, you will have difficulty organizing the work properly.

As for the cards, you can integrate specific tasks into them. This is also why you can create a checklist and determine a deadline for the tasks to be completed.

Add your team members

Of course, you won’t be able to handle all of your projects on your own. You must therefore think about adding the members of your team to the platform. To do this, you will need to contact each member so that they can communicate their email address to you.

Once you have them in your possession, add your team members so that they can have access to the boards that you have created. Of course, each member must be included in each board, depending on their skills.

Create labels and track work

The creation of labels is very simple and useful for the management of your business. For each card you have created, you can click on a “labels” button. These have several colors. For example, you can assign a label to a member of your team. So, at all times, you can know who is doing what. You will be able to determine its level of progress and take adjustment measures as you go.

To follow the work, you just have to click on “Menu” and observe the activities. You can also click on “More” and select the option “Follow”. This will allow you to directly receive all the activities carried out by email. It’s much more convenient to stay alert and responsive.

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