How to Enjoy a Swing on a Terrace?

During winter, the snow gradually invades your garden and you are forced to move your swing on the terrace. It’s unfortunate, it’s true! But by following a few recommendations, you can still enjoy your swing on the terrace. Below, discover all our tips.

Choose a model for one person

In order not to clutter up your terrace and optimize your space, it is preferable to opt for a one-seater garden swing model. Swings have evolved a lot in recent years and, in addition to the traditional 3-seater swing model, there are more customized swings in 2-seater and one-seater mode.

The one-seater swing, in addition to not taking up too much space, has the advantage of offering a private setting to its user, allowing them to enjoy a quiet moment, in peace and far from noises. It is therefore well suited for you to relax and read a little while reading while you are warm on the terrace.

A garden swing on foot or hanging?

Wooden hanging bench between trees

To enjoy your swing one place on the terrace, you will also have to decide between a standing model or a hanging model. The swing on foot has the merit of offering a nice feeling of stability but the suspended model is the most widespread today.

Indeed, the hanging swing has a very elegant design that varies according to the brands. It inspires a feeling of light when you bask in it and greatly increases relaxation, because it allows you to rock slightly back and forth, left to right and control your relaxation area.

What material for a hanging chair?

Swing hanging from a tree with cushion in a field

The hanging model of a one-seater swing is commonly called a hanging chair. Because it is precisely suspended from a beam, a concrete ceiling or a support (which constitutes the reinforcement), the material must be of very good quality.

In general, you will find hanging chairs that are:

  • In woven resin, light but strong, they have a contemporary look
  • In metal or more precisely in epoxy steel or wrought iron, very robust and weatherproof, thanks to an anti-rust coating
  • Also in solid wood, which gives an exotic touch to the armchair when it is covered with an anti-graying oil

For the seat of the chair, you will have to choose a material that is easy to maintain, especially since it will be exposed to bad weather outside, on the terrace. Finally the question that arises is where am I going to buy my garden swing, internet or garden center?

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