How to equip a car for a disabled person?

Driving is often not easy, especially for people with disabilities, but it is not impossible depending on the disability. To make their task easier, professionals in the manufacture of vehicles for the disabled must think about the modifications to be made. They are able to equip vehicles according to the type of handicap and to offer them at costs within the reach of the beneficiaries.

How to fit out a vehicle for a disabled driver?

A car for disabled people must have suitable driving controls. Professionals designing this type of vehicle must transform by adding steering wheel controls, brake, automatic clutch and accelerator. They must integrate the push pull to the conventional system for a handicap of the legs.

As for those affected on the arms, they need a steering wheel installation. The ancillary controls must be contained in a box on the steering wheel, as well as the driver’s breastplate. If necessary, they can integrate voice recognition for the operation of certain boxes.

You must try to remove the driver’s seat to facilitate driving from your chair. It is also important to provide disabled people with cars that comply with CE 200/46 measures. It is also necessary to provide for movement in the passenger compartment from the tailgate to the anchor points of the wheelchair as in minivan vehicles.

How to fit out a vehicle for a disabled passenger?

Any disabled passenger should have easy access to a car. These vehicles require a suitable handle and a step or retractable platform. A transfer plate installed at the edge of the seat, a lifter or verticalizer to promote recovery and a swivel base are also to be provided.

To make such modifications, it is necessary go through professionals in the manufacture of vehicles for transporting a disabled persone.

Those in charge of the modeling must equip the car with a handy retractable or sliding door with a control to facilitate loading of the wheelchair. This must be possible using an articulated arm or a winch.

How to finance the fitting out of this type of vehicle?

Financing the development of vehicles for the disabled can be done in several ways. Among these, there are compensatory benefits for the disabled. They are done by financing all or part of the fitting out of the vehicle. Private cars are reimbursed per kilometer at the additional cost linked to their use.

When a guaranteed loss is the basis of a handicap, it provides additional reimbursement of the insurance. This is only possible if the disabled person has taken out insurance. It should be noted that it will cover bodily injury to the driver and accommodation costs.

What are Agefiph aids?

Agefiph is an organization that works in part for people with disabilities. Indeed, she can buy a car up to 4,575 euros for any disabled person, as this is essential. It should be noted that this aid is not renewable.

Agefiph could also help finance the cost of fitting out the vehicle. This subsidy is 50% with a total development cost capped at 9,150 euros.

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