How to equip your DIY workshop with a reasonable budget?

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Equipping a workshop properly is essential. But very often the necessary budget is particularly high. Thus, we realize, after a little tour on the web, that the prices are generally quite far from what we expected. Yet, to set up a functional workshop, there are little tips that can help you succeed on a budget.

What to do ? What material to choose to reduce the necessary budget? The subject interests you without a shadow of a doubt! Discover here some beneficial tips that will allow you to equip your craftsman’s workshop at a lower cost.

Equip a workshop: set up a mobile worktable

For DIY, sawmill, carpentry or any other activity, you need to have a workspace. In a workshop, the workspace can be dynamic. Generally, craftsmen use different devices that they install in strategic places. By doing this as well, you run the risk of cluttering up the space and incurring expenses that could well be avoided.

The best alternative is to use a mobile worktable. The latter is generally equipped with wheels. You can move it very easily, just by pushing it from one place to another.

With a mobile table, you will work wherever you want. You can even integrate drawers into the table which will be used to store plugs, terminals, gaskets, valves, bolts, etc. Since it is multifunctional, it saves you money. But, in order for you to be able to work safely, your table must have safety brakes and a solid base.

Invest in a rolling workbench to equip the DIY workshop

The workbench is essential in your workshop. If it has storage and drawers, it keeps all your important tools close at hand, to DIY or to work comfortably and safely. You have the choice between several models of workbenches. For more flexibility and a large margin of maneuver, it is recommended to opt for a rolling workbench with 4 wheels. It is easy to move.

Unlike stationary models, you can use your mobile workbench anywhere in your workshop. Generally very strong, it supports heavy loads and also enjoys great stability. It is available in different versions on the market. If you want a quality model, contact a service provider specializing in handling equipment.

Portable electrical equipment: which to choose?

In your workshop, you must also have power tools. They are small, easy-to-handle electrical devices that allow you to perform small tasks without great effort. The advantage with portable power equipment is that they come in several models and are accessible to all budgets. Always with a view to spending as little as possible to equip your workshop, here are the power tools you need:

  • the drill-driver;
  • the glue gun;
  • multifunction tools …

They are not expensive and will come in handy for a lot of small tasks. To drill and screw with confidence, the drill-driver is ideal. To glue metal or wood you will need a glue gun.

The tool includes several accessories. These can be used as needed for cutting, sanding, sawing … A router is an example of a tool that can be used for various purposes. If you have advanced needs, you can choose other power tools such as a grinder, a saber saw, a jigsaw, a plane …

Lifting Tools You Can Use

For your work, you will sometimes have to handle heavy loads in your workshop. Therefore, it will be wiser to install lifting devices there. You’ll have to choose inexpensive equipment that also matches the dimensions of your facilities. No matter what type of activity you do, you can afford:

  • a small manual lifting winch;
  • a foldable ladder;
  • a platform stepladder …

Why should you choose a manual hoist winch? The tool is cheaper, but also space-saving. Although at times it will require a little physical effort on your part, it will help you lift most of your heavy loads with ease.

Folding ladder and platform stepladder let you work at height while handling more or less heavy objects. You will find models at very solid low prices that suit your needs. They are easy to handle, simple to store and take up very little space.

Think about cleaning and electrical troubleshooting accessories

Here are two essential topics that we do not often think about when we want to equip a workshop: cleanliness and emergency devices. You cannot be productive in a poor environment. This is the reason why, you must have the minimum to guarantee the cleanliness of the premises.

So think about equip yourself with a bucket of water, a brush, brooms and a rubble bag. Where possible, an industrial vacuum cleaner will also be needed.

You may be faced with electrical issues. Sometimes the power outlet may not work. In such a case, having a generator will be beneficial. Have a flashlight and a projector can also be useful if you are facing a power failure.

DIY workshop tools handling workbench

DIY workshop: rent tools for occasional use

Some devices are only used for specific one-off needs. To avoid spending a fortune on equipment for your workshop, avoid investing in the purchase of this type of equipment. The best solution is to rent them whenever you need them. Choosing to rent tools for occasional use does not only have the advantage of reducing your expenses. You can also:

  • have access to quality equipment that meets your current needs ;
  • avoid cluttering your workshop with objects of little daily use;
  • reduce the impact of your activity on the environment, because there will be less materials to produce and fewer resources to waste.

In addition, renting instead of buying a device is also a very good method to test it before acquiring it. Even when buying, you don’t have to look for new equipment. You still have the option of buying cheaper second-hand tools, while still being very functional. Used racks are perfect examples of equipment that you can give a second life in your workshop.

What to remember? Different types of tools can be used in a workshop. If you have a limited budget, you must focus on versatile equipment such as the rolling workbench, mobile worktable, multifunctional tools

To save money, don’t hesitate to rent expensive equipment and buy used tools.

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