How to facilitate parking in the city?

Whether it is for shopping or for going to work, it is sometimes difficult to find a place to park your car, especially when it comes to a large city. However, there are several solutions to find the ideal parking spot. Between booking a parking space or renting a garage, here are the different solutions that make it easier to park your vehicle in town.

Parking space reservation

Reserving a parking space is one of the best ways to find a safe parking space for your vehicle, especially when you are driving around town. And if you don’t have a residential parking space, your best bet is to rent a space in a parking lot. Reserving a parking space for the month is cheaper than paying for your parking space every day.

You can reserve your parking space by phone or online. If you choose the second option, book your place in advance on Some sites offer the reservation of parking in town at low cost through classified ads. You have the choice between a reservation in a private car park or in a public car park. As for the price, just know that the closer you get to the city center, the more your parking space can cost you.

In addition, some parking spaces may be free, but under certain conditions. Indeed, some parking spaces along the sidewalks are mostly free, but only in the evenings from 8 p.m. until 9 a.m. It is the same on Sundays as well as on public holidays. Places classified as “blue zones” are also free even if this free access is limited in time.

In general, it is extremely difficult to find a free space in these types of parking lots, especially when it comes to an urban area. It is therefore best to reserve a parking space so that you can be sure that your vehicle is in a safe place while you go about your business.

Garage rental

Renting a garage or a box is a good solution to park your vehicle in town. Although more expensive than reserving a parking space, garage rental offers many advantages over other parking methods.

Indeed, it is the most secure solution to park your car. This closed location also allows you to have a privileged parking space next to your workplace or your home. In addition to serving as a parking space for your vehicle, the garage can also be used for home storage. As for an apartment, the rental of a garage is subject to the same rental conditions for real estate.

Using the app to find available seats

Various applications available on smartphones make it easy to find a place to park your car in town. These applications have many features that allow you to identify the different parking options in relation to a specific area.

The parking applications also allow you to compare parking prices and make reservations directly online. If your car has a reversing camera or radar, you can sync it with your app so it can guide you through the more difficult niches. These applications often use the data mapped by the Dynamic Parking Observatory to find the ideal parking space in relation to the area where your vehicle is located.

Thanks to the parking applications, you will have real-time access to thousands of parking spaces throughout France. So just let yourself be guided by your GPS connected to the application to find the parking space closest to your destination.

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