How to fight rising damp?

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Among the problems that homeowners may encounter, water infiltration into the walls is a real scourge. Rising humidity is one of the most well-known phenomena, which can damage the house and even have negative effects on the health of the inhabitants. However, this problem can be solved if it is detected early and treated effectively. Discover in this article some solutions to overcome this.

What is rising humidity?

This denotes the appearance of water damage inside a house, and whatever the cause, it is essential to treat rising damp quickly, because it can cause serious damage. Water seeps into the walls from foundations that are not waterproof enough, as these are not protected by waterproof materials. The friction between the floor and the walls, or the water accumulated in the ground due to heavy rains can then lead to lifts. This problem also occurs in older homes that do not have a crawl space, because without water retention, moisture easily penetrates the walls.

What solutions to fightrising humidity ?

To protect the house and its inhabitants, there are solutions that can be used against wet lifts. Drainage, casing and injection into walls are the most common techniques.

Prevent rising damp through drainage

It is possible to block the ascent of humidity before it reaches the foundations. By prevention, drainage is the first effective method in this type of situation, but it requires the intervention of a professional. He will perform an analysis of your foundations to determine the techniques to adopt for efficient drainage.

This is recommended when rising damp appears in the cellar or on the ground floor of a house. The professional will first lay a tarpaulin to serve as a water-repellent sheet, then the moisture from the walls or the floor will be evacuated by a pump to a gutter. The latter will then be connected to the public drainage channels.

Protect the basement from rising damp by the casing

Casing is a solution that can be combined with drainage and wall injection. This technique is used to protect parts of the basement like cellars or underground garages. It aims to strengthen the waterproofing of a construction to prevent damage due to humidity. This device, carried out by a professional, consists in applying several layers of hermetic plaster on the walls of the basement. Then, waterproof screeds will be superimposed on the ground to prevent humidity from rising.

Reinforce walls against rising damp by injection

When water damage is visible in the house, injection in the walls is the most common solution. Very effective, this technique however requires the know-how and precision of a professional. The goal is to create a completely waterproof barrier. For this, it will be necessary to drill holes of ten centimeters in the affected walls and at ground level. Then the professional will have to inject it with an extremely hydrophobic or water-repellent gel, which will disperse throughout the masonry. Once dry, all that remains is to repaint everything. Humidity will no longer enter the walls, because the house will be more waterproof.

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