How to Fill an Electronic Cigarette, for an Economic Consumption?

Have you just had your first e-cigarette and you want to know the skills to adopt for a successful vaping? You must first master the operation of a vape before you start using it. How to fill your electronic cigarette for economical consumption? Find out the tips for getting it right the first time.

What are the steps to fill your e-cigarette?

Before filling your electronic cigarette, you must first choose the e-liquid. Once the electronic cigarette liquids have been chosen, you just need to add them to your cigarette. However, the filling method depends on the type of clearomizer you have.

A top-filling clearomizer

You just have to turn or unscrew the top cap in order to reach the filling hole. Then pour your e-liquid, then close the airflow ring well to avoid any leakage. The top-filling clearomizer is easier to use.

A bottom-filling clearomizer

You must first remove the clearomizer from the battery in order to access the tank. Then, unscrew the base of the tank and pour your e-liquid into the pyrex, then finally reassemble the device.

When to refill the electronic cigarette?

Woman smoking vapor vaping

Filling the electronic cigarette is a very simple act, however, it is necessary to have mastered a few basic rules. All atomizers and clearomizers do not have the same capacities in terms of capacities. Indeed, the frequency of filling the electronic cigarette differs from one tank to another. It generally depends on its resistance, the mode of vape used, the capacity of the tank.

To refuel your e-cigarette, you must therefore take into account the equipment you have and your vaping frequency. Do not wait until there is a fuel exhaustion or a change in taste before refilling your e-cigarette.

How to reduce your e-liquid consumption?

Person holding a white electronic cigarette

When you find that the amount of e-liquid you are consuming is high and you want to reduce it, you need to do a deep analysis first. This will allow you to determine the circumstances in which consumption is increasing.

If for example it results from the fact that you are a beginner, it means that you are hungry for nicotine. For this purpose, it is advisable to increase the amount of nicotine usually used. This action will be temporary, but will allow you to lower your ability to want to vape too much.

Another possibility to reduce the consumption of e-liquid is to make it yourself. At first glance, this option would seem difficult, but frankly it is easy and simple to do. You just have to make a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, one or more flavors (of your choice) with a nicotine booster.

Put everything in an empty flask that you will let stand for about 48 hours. So, considering the time you take for manufacturing, you will think about reducing the consumption rate.

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