How to find a 4-star hotel for your stay in Paris?

Each year, millions of people come to stay in the French capital. Whether for personal or professional reasons, the preferred type of accommodation remains the hotel. Of the many establishments that exist in Paris, it is sometimes difficult to find a hotel that offers both the standard and the necessary comfort while being located close to places of tourist attraction. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to find that rare gem.

Choose the ideal place to sleep in Paris

In general, it is advisable to book a room in a hotel in the city center of Paris in order to avoid wasting too much time in public transport. Preferably choose a hotel in a neighborhood close to the places you want to visit. If you dream of finding a 4-star hotel in Paris for a special occasion (engagement, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, romantic stay …), or because you want to live an unforgettable experience in the capital, do not hesitate to go out on big game and to book in a mythical place overlooking the Champs Élysées, on the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris or on the Moulin Rouge.

Choose your hotel in Paris according to your type of stay

Each hotel has its own style and ambiance. Whatever your preferences, you are bound to find a luxury hotel that will perfectly match the type of stay you want to spend. For a romantic weekend, for example, it is possible to choose a luxury hotel in the city center, in the classic Haussmann style or in a more modern lounge style with private spa in the suite. For a business trip, we generally prefer a luxury hotel near the airport, the train station or the place of the professional meeting. For leisure stays with friends or family, we will favor more the practical aspect and the comfort of the bed rather than the luxurious aspect of the suite, because we will spend less time in our hotel room.

What services should we expect from a 4-star hotel in Paris?

What makes the attraction luxury hotels in Paris, it is not only the comfort, the space and the aesthetics of the rooms and the suites. The quality of the services offered by the hotel is also very important. First, it is necessary to check the ease of access to the hotel and in particular, if a shuttle service is offered to stations and airports. Access to parking is also a plus in this city where parking is complicated. Then, the room service of a luxury hotel is no longer limited to carrying meals and breakfasts to the rooms or to the laundry service. Today, the hotels offer a real concierge service (florist, ticket office and sometimes even childcare…). Communication and accessibility remain essential elements of the service offered by a hotel, in particular the wifi connection, the offer of TV / VOD channels. Finally, accessibility for people with reduced mobility is essential for a 4-star hotel.

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