How to Find a Job in Canada when you are an Expatriate?

When applying for a job for Canada, you must take into account the configuration of the Canadian labor market and its regulations. These elements add to the complexity of a distanced approach, as Canadian employers favor physical contact. How then to give oneself the best chances?

Find a job in Canada from France

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To apply in Canada, you have several choices. You can opt for personal handling of your procedures. To do this, you must refer to the online placement site which highlights several job offers. Professional networks LinkedIn, Indeed or specialized recruiting firms also help to maximize your chances.

The employment center option

The French government has set up a service area intended to facilitate the mobility and integration of its nationals abroad. This is the case of the Espace Emploi International (EEI) which contributes to the professional integration of French candidates. It has more than twenty branches which manage nearly 40,000 annual recruitments across the world. The EEI also has a program based on the exchange of young professionals with Canada.

The documentation

At the CV level, try to highlight skills rather than diplomas. Canadian employers focus on what you are technically capable of doing. The only exception to this rule is hiring in the public service. In this case, the focus is also on your diplomas. Make sure you have your credentials accredited with a member organization of the Canadian Alliance of Credential Assessment Services before applying.

Be in good standing with labor legislation

Before starting your job search process, you should know that nearly 20% of trades are regulated in Canada. The website of the Canadian Information Center on International Diplomas (CICIC) allows you to find out if your profession is regulated. In this case, you must obtain a work permit.

You must also obtain a CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) which allows you to apply for a work permit. For young French people, the Volontariat International en Entreprises (VIE) program also allows them to work for 2 years. It is also possible to apply for a temporary work permit from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Support for newcomers

Support reception support

There are several organizations in Canada that work to welcome and help newcomers. In each town hall, a system is set up to allow you to access these organizations. This is also the case with the ministry responsible for immigration. These structures can help you find accommodation, a school inspection and an understanding of the daily uses of the city.

But the most important thing is that they support you in your job search efforts. They serve as a support for immigrants. In addition, most of their services are free. Among the organizations in Canada, we can mention Agence Ometz located in Montreal, The YMCAs of Quebec, Racine Croisée and many others.

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