How to find a sponsor on Airbnb to pay less?

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Using a referral code when registering allows you to take advantage of a € 35 reduction on your first accommodation reservation on Airbnb. A great offer allowing you to save some money on your trip, but you still have to succeed in finding a sponsor to benefit from it.

How to find a sponsor on Airbnb?

Faced with this observation, a sponsorship community for cheaper travel has emerged on the internet to share a sponsorship link with the many users who want to register on Airbnb! Good news so as not to lose the famous “travel credits” to which you are entitled.

The address of this famous sponsorship community is: You will easily find a sponsor there in order to obtain automatically and free of charge, the 35 € of Airbnb travel credits when you register.

However, don’t panic if you can’t find a proper “promo code”, if you’re used to using promotions on other sites. Indeed, sponsorship on Airbnb only works by invitation and you must therefore follow a specific link that invites you to create your own account.

To be able to use your credits earned with sponsorship, however, you must make a reservation greater than € 65 and do not forget to take advantage of it when you make your first reservation! Credits can only be used for this first reservation, otherwise they will be permanently lost.

Is it possible to use the sponsorship offer on Airbnb several times?

The Airbnb sponsorship offer allowing you to earn 35 € only works once per account. Airbnb also specifies in its terms of use that you can only make one registration at the risk of being permanently banned if you create several under your own name.

Concretely, nothing prevents you from creating a new account with a member of your family or one of your friends with whom you are likely to travel! With this new account, you can therefore benefit from the promotion offered by a new referral link.

Two solutions are then available to you in order to travel cheaper again: reuse the one offered by the Sponsorship-Airbnb community or use that of your own account to earn new credits. By becoming a sponsor yourself, you actually earn Airbnb credits, still representing € 25 for each new sponsor!

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