How to Find an Apartment to Rent in Tours?

Located between the Cher and the Loire, Tours is a very busy university town, which encourages many rental investors to invest in this region. Thus, you will find several properties ready to rent, whether for a student, a couple, a family, whatever your needs, you will find suitable rental accommodation. How to quickly and easily find an apartment to rent in Tours?

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What property to rent in Tours?

Facade of a building with balconies and windows

Several properties can be rented in Tours. Are you looking for a studio? You will have no trouble finding the one that meets your expectations due to high demand. Whatever the location or the surface, you will find what you need.

Furnished or unfurnished apartments are also very easy to find. In addition, you will find the houses or buildings that meet your needs. It is then necessary to choose the accommodation you need, to give the criteria and that’s it.

What is the average rental price in Tours?

research, calculation of possible aid to reduce costs

The average price of a rental in Tours depends on several elements, including the surface area, the district or the type of property you are looking for.


If you are looking for a one-room apartment, allow 21.08 €/m² for a furnished property and 17.63 €/m² for an unfurnished property. For a two-room apartment, you need 13.20 €/m² for a furnished property and 12.34 €/m² for an unfurnished property. On the other hand, if it is a three-room apartment, the price for a furnished property is 11.46 €/m² against 11.02 €/m² for an unfurnished property. However, be aware that you need an average of €606 to rent a furnished apartment in Tours and €594 for an unfurnished apartment.

Right in the city center

The price of the property for rent also depends on the region. For a property located in the main districts of Tours, plan on average 13 €/m² for houses and 17 €/m² for apartments. Remember also that the price depends on the condition of the property. So choose what you need while recommending the one that meets your expectations.

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