How to Find an Internship Quickly in Your Specialty?

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The internship is a gateway between studies and the professional world. Whatever your specialty, this passage is sometimes necessary to improve your skills in order to have more chances of landing a good job. However, finding an internship can be complicated and stressful. To remedy this, it is necessary to know how to go about it to quickly find the perfect offer. Discover here the procedure to follow to quickly find an internship in your specialty.

Do your research online at iQuesta

To find an internship in your specialty, you can already search online. To put the odds in your favor, check out the iQuesta website. It is a platform that presents a multitude of offers in various specialties. You can find academic or professional internships there, but also work-study training. iQuesta is a super fast solution to find an internship. Whatever your level of education, you have the possibility of finding an offer that could suit you. In addition, this platform is very practical and accessible to all. In addition, you can also see on this site the various possibilities available to you in your branch. iQuesta is a reliable alternative to carry out all the research related to professional offers.

Make your personal network work

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Making your personal network work to find an internship is an effective way. To take advantage of this trick, you need to stay open. Indeed, you do not necessarily know who can be of use to you. Start by listing everyone you know and have a good relationship with. You can then discuss with them, let them know that you are looking for an internship in your specialty. When making contact with someone, just be honest and direct. Say what you’re looking for without beating around the bush. Also, take the time to have a good discussion with your different interlocutors to have as much information as possible. With this method, you can easily find someone who will put you in touch with a business. However, keep in mind that you should not put pressure on your interlocutor.

Canvass near you

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In the search for an internship, all alternatives can be successful. So, why not do a search near you? This alternative consists of informing those around you of your need to find an internship. In this logic, relatives and neighbors can be called upon. Know that the people you turn to have their networks of contacts. It is therefore quite possible to find an internship with their help. As part of canvassing near you, you can also turn to businesses located nearby. Come to them, introduce yourself and if possible, submit a spontaneous application. Know that this method of canvassing is done with u, open mind. Don’t hesitate and take a survey without fear. In your process, it is quite possible to find someone who can help you.

Take advantage of your school’s business listings

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To quickly find an internship in your specialty, you can also use your school’s list of companies. Most schools or faculties have them. This alternative gives you the possibility of submitting your application file to various structures. Just list the companies that offer internship opportunities in your specialty. Once you make a list of these structures, you need to perfect your application in order to put the odds in your favor. A letter of recommendation from a teacher can also help boost your profile. This method has the advantage of being very fast. Indeed, you no longer have to search for companies. All you have to do is select a few and go to filing.

Send CVs and Cover Letter directly online

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Sending CV and Cover letter directly online is also an option to get an internship. This tip is in a way considered a spontaneous application. You just have to go to the internship offer sites. On these platforms, nothing prevents you from applying to a company that has not advertised an internship. So you prepare your CV and cover letter correctly and send it. Do not forget to include in your letter the position in question, your objectives and your skills. You can send it by email or use the structure’s website. Make sure you often send your file to the HR manager or to the hiring managers.

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