How to find Carrefour promo catalogs easily?

Being aware of the latest offers and promotions from your Carrefour before going to the races, without having the paper catalog, is possible. The range of the brand is wide, it has been formed during its history and it has to create catalogs for each category.

Carrefour an ancient and still popular history

It was in 1959 that the first crossroads was born in Annecy in France and was created by the Fournier and Defforey families. Over the years in addition to the hypermarket, other types of stores have emerged, to adapt to different needs depending on the location, among them you have:

  • Carrefour Market, which is a generally small supermarket located in small towns
  • Carrefour City, is a convenience store, located mainly in town
  • Carrefour Express, once again a local brand, where you can find the essentials for a quick lunch at noon, or essentials
  • Carrefour Contact, is the convenience store located in the countryside
  • Carrefour Contact Marché, specializing in the sale of fruit and vegetables and many other fresh products
  • Carrefour Montagne, as its name suggests, this convenience store is generally found in the mountains in ski resorts.
  • Carrefour Bio, is a mini-market specializing in the sale of organic products

Today, the brand is the European leader in mass distribution and is in 2th place internationally, after Wal-Mart. You can find one of these stores in Europe, South America, but also in Asia.

What is the range offered by Carrefour?

Carrefour has been able to develop over the years a wide and adapted range, which continues to evolve. To find your way around more easily, you can take advantage of different catalogs depending on the range of product you are looking for and above all take advantage of the Carrefour promo catalog, the site lists them for the best deals. You will find a catalog for each of the following ranges:

  • Bon app ‘Carrefour, where you can find snacking products
  • Carrefour Baby, offering products from the baby universe
  • Carrefour Bio, catalog with their organic products of the moment
  • Carrefour Kid, the catalog for your children, with products for them
  • Carrefour No Gluten, ideal for people with allergies or intolerance to gluten
  • Carrefour Sélection, catalog of tasty and sumptuous products created with Gaul & Millau experts
  • Carrefour Veggie, ideal for people who follow a vegan diet
  • EcoPlanet, catalog of hygiene and maintenance products that take the environment into account
  • Festive spirit, for small delicacies and offers the best dishes according to the holidays, such as Christmas or the New Year
  • Reflets de France, is a catalog dedicated to French products
  • Les Cosmétiques Design Paris brings together many cosmetic products
  • The White Products range, for people who want to do good business
  • Carrefour Quality Line, catalogs made up of French local products

You can find all these catalogs online, they are updated with each change. This allows you to stay informed and always be aware of the latest news and promotions. You can also make your shopping list with them, to save time during your shopping.

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