How to find organic farming professionals for your cooperative?

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Organic farming is increasingly popular with many producers and consumers. It excludes the use of chemical inputs, synthetic fertilizers or the cultivation of genetically modified organisms. Better still, it favors respect for the ecosystem. However, to obtain good yields, it will be necessary to hire proven professionals in the organic farming sector. How to find them?

Turn directly to a directory of agriculture professionals

One of the easiest ways to quickly find an organic farming professional is to consult a directory of farming professionals. Indeed, these directories provide valuable information on VSEs, SMEs, professionals and even amateurs in the agricultural field. These are referenced with their telephone numbers, addresses, sector of activity or even with opening hours. In addition to classifying the players by sector of activity, certain directories list professionals with their geographical area. Thus, you can quickly locate an organic farming professional near you. Better still, they are easy to find since there are many on the internet. Moreover, the site lists several actors who intervene in the entire organic agricultural sector, even covering all forms of cultivation and breeding. It will make it easier for you to find a professional, available and meeting your needs.

Take a tour of local producers in the area

Young woman in a field collecting her crops

Another way to find organic farming professionals for your cooperative is to visit local producers in the area. Indeed, many municipalities are increasingly organizing a specific market for local producers. This makes it possible to find several organic agricultural products in the same place. This type of market, in addition to encouraging the local economy and employment, is an excellent convivial place where the exchange between farmers and citizens is encouraged.

It therefore makes it possible to create a strong social bond between the different actors. It is therefore an excellent place where it is possible to find a professional at the service of your cooperative. In addition to this type of local market which brings together several players, you can also shop around the local producers’ stores spread all over your area.

Use social media to make a research ad

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A final credible alternative to finding organic farming professionals on behalf of your cooperative is to post an ad on professional social networks. Indeed, the latter are becoming more and more a tool favored by many individuals to inform their profiles. Better still, it is easier for many professionals to apply for an advertisement with their smartphone.

With social networks, you therefore have an important new source of potential professionals in the agricultural world. In particular, you will be able to access their profiles, their skills and thus increase your chances of finding that rare gem for your cooperative.

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