How to Find the Perfect Birth Gift for a Colleague?

Do you want to give a birth gift to your colleague who is about to give birth but do not know how to choose it? Do not worry.

To find the perfect gift, don’t hesitate to ask your coworker if they’ve planned a birth list and simply choose based on it. In the absence of a list, you will have to make your choice considering the sex of the child and the tastes of the parents without losing sight of your budget. Check out our tips to help you find the perfect birth gift to give to your colleague.

Ask if there is a birth list

Infant baby, fox

The existence of a birth list will have the merit of simplifying your quest for the ideal gift to give to your colleague. Said list recites all the gift ideas that parents would like to receive to better prepare for the arrival of the newborn.

Creating a birth list is a very common practice today. Chances are your colleague had the good idea to do one.

So don’t hesitate to ask him. By reading the list, you can then choose the gift (s) you want to offer according to your means with the certainty that they will be very happy to the parents.

Top 3 best birth gift ideas

Find the perfect gift to give from our top 3 best baby shower ideas. Take advantage of advice and many ideas to refine your research and find the birth gift that will make parents and baby happy.

A Baby Footprint Kit

It’s a great choice if you want to give your coworker or loved one a gift they’ll use and enjoy their entire life. From white clay, the Empreinte kit makes it possible to mold baby’s foot and hand prints in a photo frame to make a memorable memory.

VTech – Birth set – Awakening the senses

Take part in awakening baby’s senses by opting for this playful birth set which will be one of the first toys with which he will have fun and make lots of discoveries.

It contains four must-have toys for newborns. Including a hippo plush to explore and discover the different textures. A talking and musical piano rattle to discover colors and stimulate hearing. As well as a mirror rattle to encourage self-discovery and a frog rattle to stimulate motor skills and develop touch.

Sophie la Girafe Gray Birth Basket

The Sophie la Girafe birth basket is a perfect gift to welcome the baby of your colleague, a member of your family or a loved one. This sensory awakening basket contains the essentials for the newborn.

Baby receives a Sophie la Girafe, a pacifier clip, a tongue in soft material, as well as a rattle with two balls to spin and bells to ring. All stored in a basket with handles that you can easily take with you everywhere.

Know the sex of the child

The ideal birth gift is also the one that matches the sex of the newborn. Knowing it before you start looking for the gift is crucial to avoid giving an unsuitable gift for the baby and which turns out to be unusable.

Better, this detail will allow you to personalize the gift according to the sex and possibly the name of the child.

Trying to find out about the parents’ tastes

A birth gift that is tailored to baby’s needs is ideal in and of itself, but giving a gift that additionally reflects the tastes of the parents is even better and will make a lasting impression.

Try to educate yourself and find out a little more about their tastes. Take this into account when buying to make sure you choose the gift that is sure to please.

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