How to find the perfect slogan for your SME?

In addition to a carefully designed logo, your SME will greatly benefit from a matching slogan. Essential in communication, this duo helps to publicize and recognize a brand. If you already have a logo for your small business, now is the time to create an equally meaningful and impactful slogan for it. A short and catchy sentence, which will mark the spirits of your targets, whatever they are. So read on to create the perfect slogan for your SME:

The criteria of an effective slogan

To be effective enough, a slogan must meet several criteria. So when creating your own, be sure to check all of these boxes:

  • Concise: a slogan is a short, synthetic message. A sentence of a few words is enough to sum up what makes your brand special and unique. Avoid any unnecessary complications.
  • Impactful: the choice of words is crucial to make an impression. As this is a short message, every word counts – as does the syntax and rhythm. A pun or other figure of speech also increases the impact of a slogan.
  • Unique: Make sure your slogan or a similar variation does not exist.
  • Easily memorable: the sentence should be remembered easily, especially because of its brevity and distinctive style.

Also, be aware that slogans in English are quite popular. This language often helps to create more concise and trendy messages. But be careful, choose words that are easy to understand and pronounce by a French-speaking audience.

Signature or hook?

Also, note that there are two types of slogans. On the one hand, the signature is the message that represents the identity of your brand, your SME as a whole. On the other hand, you can also create a slogan specific to a product or an advertising campaign. In this case, we will then speak of hook.

To reinforce the impact of your messages and the consistency of your branding, design catchphrases in line with your overall signature.

Use your slogan wisely

Finally, designing your slogan is not an end in itself. You must then use it wisely to reap all its benefits. The idea is to disseminate it through your different communication channels so that your audience clearly identifies it with your brand.

One effective way is to include your slogan on your promotional items. Along with your logo and brand name, this message will help your SME gain visibility. For example, display your slogan on a canvas bag personalized in your brand colors. Thus, you will benefit from a beautiful publicity in the street, each time a person carries their belongings in your promotional bag.

Likewise, be sure to include your slogan on all your communications (email signatures, letterhead, advertisements, etc.).

You can create an effective slogan for your brand by applying these tips. And if you doubt your abilities in this area, do not hesitate to call a professional. A freelancer will generally be more affordable than a communication agency, while offering you a similar quality for this type of mission.

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